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Why join Building Pieces ?

Why join Building Pieces ?



Building Pieces is the most simple and comprehensive product directory within the building and design industry.


The site aims to improve productivity for specifiers, architects and designers by providing a unique visual online library accessible anywhere and anytime during their careers.


Building Pieces is fully illustrated by product, making the selection process much easier. Searches can be easily sorted by product, manufacturer or recently listed, providing simple results and removing the time-consuming task of sorting through each manufacturer separately.


To reach a good quality audience of specifiers, Building Pieces is the right solution for your company.




Who is using Building Pieces ?


Building Pieces is used by various specifiers.


  • 47% are architects
  • 26% are interior designers
  • 12% are contractors
  • 8 % are engineers
  • 6 % are planners, local authorities, quantity surveyors and general public


This data is based on our registered users.

Who is using Building Pieces ?

How are products specified on Building Pieces?

How are products specified on Building Pieces? How are products specified on Building Pieces? How are products specified on Building Pieces?



       Learn more about the library        


    Learn more about projects      




  • Display your full range of products and upload brochures, images, drawings and BIM files.


  • Let clients know about your company certifications and if you will be exhibiting at any events so they can come and meet you.


  • Provide your contact details for easy customer contact


  • Link to your website


  • Centralise brochure requests to your sales team


  • Be part of customers’ networks thanks to social media


  • Post your latest updates in our news section


  • Social network posts about your products by our marketing team


  • Track your success by consulting statistics of your products

Define how to be contacted


You can list all your contacts under three categories:


  •       Headquarters and other offices
  •        Resellers and distributors
  •        Installers


It is up to you to decide how you wish to be contacted by specifiers. Please note the more options you give the more chance you will get to be contacted.


We don’t take commission on leads or sales therefore you are entirely free to decide how you wish to redirect potential customers.




Define how to be contacted
Registration steps

Registration steps


01: Create an account here


02: Define which products you wish to list to set your budget (we can assist if needed)


03: Upload product content, including product description, images brochures, drawings (we can assist if needed)


04: Your products become live and visible to our specifiers community





Can we help ?

Can we help ?


Our design team can assist uploading your

products and define a strategy on which

products to upload and how.


If you simply wish to get more information on Building Pieces and discuss how we can help you, call us on 020 7097 8981


or reach us on Skype


Pricing - Plan will expand automatically to your needs

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