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Abso - Cones


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Technical Specification

Length (mm) : 60 - 180
Height (mm) : 610
Fire behaviour : Europe (SBI): B-s2, d0 equivalent Class 0
Sound absorption : Class A

These products may be suspended from the ceiling using vertical cable fixings and provide maximum sound absorption while occupying a minimum of ceiling space. They are the perfect solution for environments in which acoustic reverberation proves difficult to resolve. They are a playful and inventive means of structuring open spaces, bringing everyday environments to life and adapting easily to all types of ceilings.

cone 610 : 610 x 180 x 60 mm
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About the Company

All the Texaa® products are made from sound absorbing foam covered in a high-quality sound transparent* fabric. Our fabrics are knitted and our products assembled near Bordeaux, France.

“Sound transparent”, Aeria* guarantees acoustic performance of all Texaa® products by its combination of effective absorbent materials.
The fibres of which it is constituted are by nature flame-retardant, no production of droplets. The threads from which the Aeria* sound transparent material is made are twisted once then twisted again to produce a higher density product.

Its colour strength over time always remains equal to or greater than 5, on a scale of 0 to 8. Supple and with great mechanical resistance, it does not fray. Being fluid repellent gives Aeria an efficient resistance to stains, dust and to ageing.
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