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Driftwood Express

The Reclaimed Flooring CO

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Grey - Dark White - Creamy Oak
Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 185
Thickness (mm) : 16 - / 4mm top layer

This is a new line we are experimenting with to help solve the problem of extended lead times for bespoke creations. For this line of Driftwood, shipping is ultrafast at 7-14 days! Boards are all constructed with 100% European and so is the manufacturing, the final colouring processes are completed by hand in our Cheshire workshop.

It is important to be aware that not all “European Flooring” is actually made in Europe. Rather the oak is often from European and Russian borders and the machining/engineering is done in China, so we find ‘European’ constructed flooring that is actually made in China. This is something to be made aware of because of the poor quality of plywood and glue commonly used plus that fact that the chemicals in the glues are not as strictly monitored as they are in Europe, these boards are often lacking in full certification.
The Reclaimed Flooring CO
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The Reclaimed Flooring CO Main Contact

64 Clerkenwell Road

United Kingdom

Tel: 0207 250 1108


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About the Company

RFC considers all of its reclaimed treasures and tailor made creations to be pioneering vessels of creativity and craftsmanship. The methodology behind sourcing and crafting each piece of wood has been developed through years of experimentation and the collected expertise of hand picked industry professionals. Our belief that nature is the inherent architect is ingrained in each step from the reclamation of unusual timbers to the hand crafting of custom patinas. The cornerstone and culture of RFC is to keep wood just like wood, full of raw character, personality and timeless beauty.

Welcome to RFC….


Owner and creator Robert J Henry began his journey into wood by restoring Victorian pine floorboards for bespoke projects in London. Soon after, he began reclaiming beams from the historic cotton mills of Manchester, which proved to be as much about fascination as it was preservation. From these small beginnings came an eco epiphany and the idea of RFC took root. Collectively with his brother Thomas M Henry RFC was founded in 2006 and a new curiosity emerged. The natural progression from reclaimed timbers to tailor-made floorboards expanded the RFC brand to include both authentic reclaimed, replica reclaimed and specialized new wood. An innovative range of patinas incorporates both antique and contemporary design concepts blending rich history, new technology and an unrestricted approach to creativity and craft.
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