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Esprit Linoleum-Plywood


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White - Creamy Blue Red - Brown Grey - Dark Square On - Off
Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 95
Height (mm) : 95 - 308
Depth (mm) : 9.9

Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood is the first switch range to unite two natural materials which complement each other perfectly. Both are sourced from renewable raw materials, are robust, have a variety of uses, and have always been popular among architects and designers. Frames in six attractive colours offer freedom for diverse combination options in interior design. Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood is the ideal choice for interior design concepts in which a clear form and natural materials are favoured.

Six colours for individual interior design

The Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood switch range is available in six colours. The colour palette encompasses two neutral grey shades (anthracite and light grey), two warm, earthy natural colours (light brown and dark brown), and two popular primary colours (red and blue). This allows Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood to offer the suitable colour design solution for any interior design style and personal taste. The colours are coordinated to enable all the variants to be combined on the wall to create an individual interplay of colours.

High material quality processed with great attention to detail

The high-quality frames are distinguished by their meticulous material selection and precise workmanship. A special, sophisticated manufacturing process has been developed specifically for the Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood. In this way, extremely rugged frames which simultaneously appear very delicate are made in Germany as the result of the many steps which are subject to continuous quality control.

Birch plywood: multi-layered, strong, natural

A modern interior decoration classic: Birch plywood is preferably used in living and office areas which emphasise linear aesthetics and naturalness. Shelves, tables, and chairs – including a number of design classics – have been made of this material. Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood is the first switch range to use this material. For the frames, birch plywood is used which is approximately 3.4 mm thick, five-layered cross-bonded, and therefore particularly strong. The layered structure of the outer edges provides an attractive contrast to the lustrous matt, coloured linoleum surfaces.

Origin and properties
The birch for the frames originates from sustainably managed forests in Finland and is PEFC-certified. The long, hard Nordic winter only allows trees a short period of growth each year, resulting in very thin and uniform annual rings. This makes the wood especially homogeneous and strong, which ultimately allows birch plywood to be produced that is delicate and yet rugged enough to be used for a frame with a total thickness of just 9.9 mm (including carrier frame).

Linoleum: natural, attractive, durable

In the recent past, the advantages of linoleum have been rediscovered by designers and architects alike. The English chemist Frederick Walton developed linoleum as early as 1860, and it consists of natural, renewable raw materials. In addition to its main component linseed oil, it is comprised of natural resin, wood flour, and calcium carbonate, as well as colour pigments. The natural appearance, diverse design options, and durability of linoleum were appreciated by legendary architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius, and it has become a standard for high-quality flooring and table coverings. Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood is the first switch range to use this material. The untreated, slightly coarse surface of the frames makes using them an especially sensual experience, both in terms of appearance and feel.

Due to its unique material properties, linoleum is ideally suited for use as a frame surface. Linoleum is extremely durable and is characterised by its resistance to oils and grease. It has anti-static and slightly antibacterial properties, and it is also easy to clean. Therefore, the frames have a variety of uses and withstand particularly high demands.

Made in Germany

Gira is a family-run company that has developed and produced electrical products of the highest quality which have set new standards time and again. Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood is the first switch range to unite two carefully selected, natural materials. Exclusively for this range, a team of engineers, technicians, designers, and external experts developed a manufacturing process which combined craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Each individual frame is produced by experienced specialists according to strict criteria. Stringent testing follows each production step. In this way, attention to detail is demonstrated in producing high-quality frames with convincingly outstanding design and accurate quality of the processing.

Frames: easy, fast, and clean exchange

In general, the frames can be exchanged easily if you have already installed frames from a Gira System 55 switch range because all the frames of the Gira Standard 55, E2, Event, Esprit, and ClassiX ranges are interchangeable. Simply exchange the frames – the existing inserts can continue to be used. This is a simple way to give the room new accents in terms of colour and material appearance.
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Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG


Tel: +49 (0)2195 602 763


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About the Company

The modern electrical installation from Gira offers a broad range of intelligent building technology for convenience and security. Devices for networking home technology, music control for all rooms and comprehensive switch ranges, plus numerous functions for door communication, energy and light outdoors - and it all fits together. All functions and devices can be easily combined, and the uniform design lines always offer the right cover frame for every purpose.
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