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Hydraulic SCT 3 units


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Technical Specification

Length (mm) : 1840
Width (mm) : 4140
Height (mm) : 1920
Weight (Kg) : 9000
Capacity : 3 Bin unit
Operating : Hydraulic- by remote control

Our underground container system involves locating urban waste containers under public streets with the aim of bringing innovation, variety and efficiency to the city environment and especially to urban waste collection technologies. Furthermore, this initiative helps create more space on public streets.

At Contenur we offer our clients a wide range of underground container systems which are suitable for use with the various lifting and emptying mechanisms on the market. Solutions designed to facilitate the efficient depositing, storage and emptying of all types of waste. Classic solutions applied to an innovative use of plastic materials, bringing a fresh new design and approach to the urban environment, without compromising the inherent functionality and robustness of CONTENUR products.

CONTENUR has pioneered the use of plastic in underground container systems by incorporating polyethylene in the design of the openings and tanks, thus obtaining excellent results in resistance and durability, in addition to achieving a noticeable improvement in the product's appearance.


Hydraulic lifting system, operated either by remote control console or via collection truck, equipped with 800 or 1100 litre capacity rear-loading containers.

Available with metal or polyethylene columns for the collection of organic or selective waste.


Manufactured either in rustproof high density linear polyethylene which is light, hard-wearing and with fade-resistant colouring, painted galvanized steel plate or in stainless steel.

Designed with plenty of space for customisation. (refer to catalogue)
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Contenur Main Contact

Contenur UK - Lancashire
Suite 189/191, Lomeshaye Business Village,
Glenfield Park, Lancs
United Kingdom

Tel: +441282604400


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About the Company

At CONTENUR we design, manufacture and sell container systems for mechanised waste collection, litter bins, and equipment for children's playgrounds, recreational areas and sports grounds. In addition to our production activities, at CONTENUR we offer our clients a wide range of services, from conducting site assessments for product location through to complete management programmes for street-based containers, recreation sites, sports grounds and children's playgrounds in urban areas.

CONTENUR was founded in Spain in 1984, with the aim of becoming a market leader in the urban solid waste sector. Today Contenur is the number one company in the Spanish and Portuguese markets and one of Europe's key players in this sector, with a solid presence in more than 30 countries around the world.

Contenur International

Since its foundation, CONTENUR has considered the internationalisation of its business activity as a key component in its corporate strategy. We currently have subsidiaries in five European countries: Spain, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Colombia and Brazil.

In addition to our subsidiaries, we are proud to have an extensive network of distributors and end users which support CONTENUR worldwide. At CONTENUR our ambition is to continue growing and extending our presence but always offer the best solutions.

Human Resources

Contenur's greatest asset is our in-house professional team, focussed on providing viable and innovative solutions for our clients through research and the development of new products and services.

At CONTENUR, we put particular emphasis on providing continuous professional development for all our staff: By nurturing the skills and potential of individuals we can draw on their capabilities to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Production Methods

Our Product Development team works in partnership with prestigious universities in the development of new products which become the top class systems we offer our clients.

We have factories in Madrid (Spain) and Mielec (Poland). We have the most advanced production and technology methods in our sector, enabling us to pioneer the use of injection-moulded high density polyethylene in the manufacture of high volume containers. Our production capacity, combined with our proven customer relationship management have established the CONTENUR brand as the benchmark in product and service quality and in the ability of our product range to adapt to our clients' most exacting and diverse requirements.

Environment and Quality

One of our company objectives is to promote respect for the environment and the sustainable development of our cities through the design and manufacture of quality products and services which are attractive to look at and provide real solutions to the challenges of waste management.

Our use of non-polluting production technology and the way we design our products specifically to reduce their environmental impact, making them accessible to all and ultimately recyclable, demonstrate that our company ethos is firmly focussed on the Environment.

CONTENUR was one of the first Spanish companies to implement the ISO 14000 international environmental management standard.

The quality aspect of our products and services has always underpinned every aspect of our company's work. All business streams and processes at CONTENUR are certified to ISO 9001 and 9002 standards. Naturally, all our products conform to the relevant European standard in each case, as certified by the most respected European laboratories and organisations.
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