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Formwise Washrooms

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Green Red Blue Pink Violet Brown-Beige Black Yellow Orange White Grey Glass Painted - Solid colour Timber
Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 300 -350 - 400
Height (mm) : up to 1800

A locker range designed for tough environments such as leisure centres, schools, golf clubs whilst still showing modern styling and finish. The lockers will withstand a wet environment such as a swimming pool or sauna changing room.

Doors are made using 10mm solid grade laminate in a wide range of colours and finishes. The locker keys are fitted with a tough plastic numbered wrist strap in a variety of colours. The strong locker frames are made of aluminium extrusion with the shelves and panels made of sheet aluminium. The rear corners have a radius for easy cleaning. The doors are self closing for safety. There are three width options depending on locker style and configurations, single tier to 4 tier 300 mm, 350 mm, and Z shape 350mm and 400 mm. The locker is 1800 mm high (plus 15 mm if you add the radius of the top door) and has the following choices as to the number of doors in each column: single, two, three equal, three odd or four. All lockers 300 mm and 350 mm wide are 505 mm deep. Z shape lockers 350 mm wide are 505 mm deep. All doors and end panels have rounded edges for safety. The two Z shape and single compartment lockers have coat hooks fitted. Each locker has a coin return operated Ojmar lock with high security drilled keys. For added security all lockers as standard are anti crow bar and lever forced entry resistant this is achieved by means of the steel plate behind each lock.

Key Features
• Because each locker is individually fixed locker bodies can be separately removed and replaced or refurbished repaired.
• At the end of the lockers natural life span all materials can be fully recycled or in the case of the door and locks re-used.
• Each hinge is an extrusion and sprung loaded this ensures the door will fall fully close every time it’s used and is limited to 90 degree opening.
• The hinge has a split pin inserted into the body to stop the hinge pin from being forced out by any attempt of forced entry on the hinge side
• Hinges bolt through the door into the discreet designed face plate for added strength.
• The Lock mechanism is an Ojmar security coin return lock, provided with 2 security drilled keys, a master key and management key. Barrels are removable with the master key while the management key provides access only to lockers that have been constantly locked. The lock also features an anti jam facility to prevent locks being out of action due to coin jam.
• For added security on the lock side of the door an anti intruder plate is fitted to stop crow bar entry or forced access.
• Lockers are delivered to site completely assembled including locks and wristbands pre-fitted. Installation once on site is either to a pre-formed plinth by the contractor or onto our own SGL built plinth to match locker door colour.
Formwise Washrooms
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Formwise Washrooms Main Contact

Formwise Washrooms Ltd
Unit 3 Wendel Point
Ryle Drive, Park Farm
United Kingdom

Tel: 01933 405961


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About the Company

Specialist manufacturers, suppliers and installers of toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, cistern duct panelling, vanity units, lockers, changing room bench seats and wall panelling, Formwise Washrooms Ltd provide economical durable and flexible solutions to your project requirements, all controlled under one roof from modern manufacturing facilities with the latest industry machinery.
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