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Mosa Murals®


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White Yellow Grey Brown-Beige Square Texture & effect Stone & Mineral Plain - solid colour
Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 30
Height (mm) : 30
Thickness (mm) : 10
Weight per Sqm (Kg) : 17.2
Light reflectance value (%) : 72
Pieces/m2 : 11

Ceramic walls
Mosa Murals® is a unique and innovative concept for ceramic walls. The essence is not only found in applying tiles to a wall, but also in creating an authentic ceramic wall: a mural. Each mural has an individual character and signature, and is designed by balancing size, tone, colour and surfaces in a preselected or custom-designed grid. The resulting pattern is a ceramic wall, layered across multiple dimensions. Discover the endless design possibilities and be inspired. The Mosa Murals collection consists of three series: Blend, Lines and Change. Each series has its own character taken from the same colour palette.

Harmonious and vivid
A meeting of colour tones, gradations of gloss and sizes in one ceramic wall. Blend tiles are developed and designed to be mutually com- bined to create a harmonious and vivid surface. This surface might be subdued or expressive, depending on the choice of grids and colour combinations. The palette of subtle colour tones, sizes and gloss gradations are brought together as mutually linked colour families. The large selection of elements invites and challenges the designer with a limitless range of design options and individual signatures.

Profundity and refinement
Lines tiles embody elegance and subtle variation in clearly defined surfaces with profundity and refinement. Lines tiles use a play of light, shadow and movement to seduce. Create reliefs that create depth through asymmetric surfaces. The tiles cast intrigue using their clean, slanting lines. Interesting geometric structures harmonise with the grid to create a monochrome, yet vivid, ceramic surface.

Extraordinary matt-gloss effects
Change* tiles represent ceramic expression in its purest form. A thick layer of glaze virtually drips from each tile. This emphasises the tile wall’s ceramic nature and creates a special appearance. Subtle lines and a randomly applied layer of glaze creates an extraordinary wall surface. By taking a simple uniformly sized pattern, and utilising the subtle lines and a randomly applied layer of glaze, you will be able to create an extraordinary wall surface. Change tiles in stonematt-gloss make a wall more striking, Change tiles in a matt-matt effect strengthens the colour effect.

Create your custom-designed mural
The Mosa Murals Generator is a handy online tool at for designing murals with their own creative signature. It is simple and effective, choose the colour and tones, select a grid, and create a mural. Compare options and change a colour group or individual colours and tiles, then save the results in My Murals. Export the designs to rendering software, print them for mood boards, or generate a technical drawing for the tiler. The design possibilities that the Mosa Murals Generator has to offer are endless. The Mosa Murals Library contains a large selec- tion of grids and patterns designed by the Mosa Design Team for inspiration. This book contains just a small sample of the available patterns. Apply the patterns directly or use them as a starting point for a custom-designed mural.
All questions and requests for support or samples go through the Mosa Murals Service Desk. Call +31 (0)43 368 92 29 or visit
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Mosa Main Contact

Koninklijke Mosa bv
Meerssenerweg 358
6224 AL Maastricht
6201 BA

Tel: +31 (0)43 368 94 44


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About the Company

Identity through Tiles

Restrained or colourful, geometrically formal or as a polymorphous mosaic, tiles can be used to achieve a wide variety of effects that strengthen architectural form and space. Moreover, tiles are functional, practical in use and maintenance, and long-lasting. Functionality and appearance determine the quality of an architectural design. Mosa contributes to this with tiles that are distinctive, innovative and of high aesthetic quality.


With almost 130 years’ experience in tile production, Royal Mosa in Maastricht stands apart internationally for innovative products that are not only ceramic but, nowadays, also made of glass and steel. Moreover, at Mosa the manufacturing process is organised in such a way that the company can find a solution for every problem, in constant dialogue with architects. Royal Mosa is ambitious. The past 10 years have seen strong growth in turnover and profits. Yearly almost 8 million m² of tiles find their way to 30 countries on 4 continents from the factories in Maastricht. The company is independent and is owned by the Dutch equity firm Egeria.


Mosa has made a deliberate choice to continue sustainable development and production in Maastricht in the factories where it began. And Mosa firmly plans to continue in this way, making products that fit contemporary and future architecture.

Innovation and design

Innovation plays a major role at Mosa. As early as the nineteen fifties, Mosa produced the first tiles consisting of a body and top-layer of differing compositions. In the nineteen sixties, Mosa introduced a much talked-about range of relief wall tiles onto the market based on a design by the industrial designer Kho Liang Ie. This range was taken back into production recently. In the nineteen eighties, the new two-layer Ultragres process was developed which is now used to make all Mosa’s unglazed floor tiles. And 2000 saw the introduction of the minimalist Xtreme wall and floor tiles made of glass and steel, which combine perfectly with Mosa’s ceramic floor tiles. In 2004, the Mosa LED series was introduced. This enables ceramic tiles with built-in LED lighting to be applied for the first time and to be used in walls and floors employing traditional methods. A new product is the Terra XXL: a series of very large floor tiles (20x120, 30x120, 40x120, 60x120 and 90x90cm). Mosa products have been awarded many design prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the IF Award recently. Mosa sets high requirements for all its products. In many cases, the quality of Mosa tiles exceed the ISO, EN and ASTM standards.


But Mosa innovations do not focus exclusively on products. They can also be found in the manufacturing process. We have organised production so as to meet the specific wishes of architects and enable the delivery of a custommade product in small batches, too. Because of this flexibility, Mosa can offer designers tiles that contribute optimally to the intended architectural result, both functionally and aesthetically. In fact, it’s not inconceivable that Mosa already has what the designer is looking for: a range of hundreds of colours, a huge variety of finishes and sizes (large, small, rectangular and elongated) and a multitude of accessories. In short, an impressive range of wall and floor tiles for various applications both indoor and outdoor. And thanks to sizes and colours that are specifically designed to complement each other, different tile ranges can be combined effortlessly.
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