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Geberit Sigma80 flush plate touchless 116090SG1 DWG Files
Geberit Sigma80 flush plate touchless 116090SM1 DWG Files
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Black PVC Infra-red/Touchless Dual flush Modern
Technical Specification

Note : Refer to catalogue

The innovative Geberit Sigma80 flush plate only requires the wave of a hand to initiate the flush process. An automatic standby system ensures that electricity consumption is kept to a minimum. The touchless flush plate is available in two glass versions: black or with a mirror surface. There are five different colours of light field available.

Application purpose

- For use with Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm (UP320)
- For dual flush
- Not suitable for Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 8 cm (UP720), Geberit Kappa concealed cistern 15 cm (UP200), concealed cistern type 123 and concealed cistern for low height furniture
- Not suitable for use with Geberit insert for in-cistern block


- Flush plate made of glass, interlockable
- Manual, touchless flush release
- Flush plate without mechanical flush buttons
- Flush buttons identifiable by light bars
- Button illumination can be set in five colours
- Self-calibrating electrical lifting device
- Low-noise lifting mechanism
- Electrical power supply via power supply unit
- Operation with extra-low voltage – no mains voltage in the cistern
- Plug connection with cross-polarity protection
- Button illumination activated when approached
- Infra-red user detection
- Self-calibrating infra-red control
- Infra-red detection with background fade-out
- Flush actuation possible via external push-button
- Setting and interrogation option with Geberit Service Handy
- Flush actuation can be deactivated using Geberit Clean Handy
- Flush actuation can be manually deactivated for cleaning
- Minimum detection time can be set
- Initial flush can be set
- Repeat flush can be set
- Automatic flush actuation can be activated
- Easy maintenance and cleaning
- Easy installation and servicing
- Requires transformer 115.861.00.1
- Minimum wall thickness 20 mm

Perfect combination of function and form
Flush plates are the only thing the user gets to see of a concealed sanitary installation and the cistern itself. With its different design lines, materials, colours and surface finishes, Geberit perfectly combines good design and reliable function. Every design line also includes Geberit urinal flush controls and covers that match not only the Geberit flush plate but also the harmonious and consistently implemented interior decorations of sanitary facilities.

Luxury materials for demanding requirements
Geberit flush plates are made of high-quality, durable, lightfast materials with plastic or glass surfaces, and manufactured of die-cast zinc or stainless steel to meet more demanding requirements of durability and security, Depending on requirements, manual, electronic or pneumatic flush actuation can be used.

Convenience functions for greater freshness and cleanliness
For greater freshness and better hygiene with every flush an insert for in-cistern blocks can be installed or it can be retrofitted with little effort at any time. In combination with the Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm and the Geberit Sigma40 flush plate, the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit ensures fresh air in the bathroom and toilet at all times.
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About the Company

Geberit recognised the need for better hygiene and cleanliness early on and by 1978 it had already introduced the first Geberit toilet with a shower function. While people in Europe responded rather cautiously to the novelty of the shower toilet, in Japan it soon became a firmly established feature in every second household.

Geberit has continuously developed and refined the shower toilet over the past three decades, always with the aim of offering customers the highest standards of comfort, technology, design and quality. The Geberit AquaClean product range is now bringing this new standard of hygiene to European bathrooms too, for a completely new feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
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