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Douglas fir prime


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Grey - Dark Red - Brown White - Creamy Douglas fir
Technical Specification

Length (mm) : 1700-1860-2300
Width (mm) : 150-190-220-250-270
Depth (mm) : 20

Though native to North America, these are grown on our doorstep in Norfolk, and are the perfect choice for creating a contemporary, minimalist feel. We offer a range of widths and boards of up to 2.3m long.

Douglas Fir is available in one grade only, we recommend the following finishes: bandsawn, brushed & distressed, brushed and oiled, and a range of 6 colours.

- Colours
In our standard range, we have over 25 colours that can be applied to Oak, 6 to Douglas Fir and 5 to Ash. We do not recommend adding a colour treatment to Walnut.

- Finishes
We offer an array of bespoke finishes, from shades of the lightest oak through to darkest walnut. As well as many effects, from natural to distressed. In our standard range, we have 6 finishes that can be applied to Oak - oiled, brushed, distressed, brushed and distressed, band sawn, sandblasted and thermo treated. For Ash, Douglas Fir and Walnut we recommend a simple oiled finish.

- Bespoke colours and finishes
Our bespoke finishing line means we can achieve any shade of colour and finish on your choice of wood, to your exact requirements. From the lightest oak to the darkest walnut, the choice is virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of bespoke finishes we have produced.
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Reeve Main Contact

Reeve Wood
11 Bergen Way

King’s Lynn
PE30 2JG
United Kingdom

Tel: 01553 776 835


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About the Company

Experts attract experts. Architects and interior designers come to Reeve because they’re confident we know as much about wood as they know about designing. We’re used to dealing with people who are sticklers for detail, whose demands are precise and particular, who expect nothing but the highest standard of workmanship and service. We work as partners, helping our clients fully realise the potential of wood as a functional, yet beautiful, material.

Reeve was established in 1993, and in almost two decades of trading, we’ve experienced all kinds of woods in all kinds of scenarios, commercial and residential. We’re used to wood’s quirks and nuances, know when something’s right and when it’s not quite right. Because we work closely and regularly with cutting-edge designers, we’re fully aware of the latest looks and finishes and how to achieve them.

For us, clients always come first. We listen to what they want, and find a way to make it happen. Our service is bespoke and personal — we’ll work to your exact specifications, meeting your budgets but exceeding your expectations. We have plenty of our own ideas and opinions too, and are fully up to speed with the latest trends and developments in our industry.
Who we work with

Our lumber is imported from sustainable sources in Europe, North America and the Far East, and finished by hand at our workshop in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. We're confident that we can help you to see wood in a new light, to harness its natural beauty and bring another dimension to your projects.

We ask for accreditation from our suppliers wherever possible. Unfortunately, not all suppliers can provide certificates of provenance. In these cases, we tend to do our own research, finding out about the country of origin and its particular system of Silviculture, before making a judgment call.

We make wide floor boards from American White Oak, and buy lumber supplied by the Baillie Lumber Company from sustainable hardwood forests. Our ply bases come from Malaysian Timber Council-certificated sources or from Finnish FSC sources. Our 14mm flooring and some of our 20mm flooring, is also FSC certified.
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