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Yonos PICO

Wilo UK

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Technical Specification

Voltage (V) : 230
Frequency (Hz) : 50
Fluid temperature (°C) : -10 - +95
Operating pressure (bar) : up to 6
Power consumption (Watt) : 4 - 40
Volume flow (m3/h) : 4.8
Delivery head H (m) : 7.6

Glandless circulation pump with threaded connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic power control.

All hot water heating systems, air-conditioning applications, industrial circulation systems.
Special features / product benefits

- Very high degrees of efficiency due to ECM technology
- High-efficiency pump especially for single and two-family houses, as well as for two to six-family houses.
- Only 4 watts minimum power consumption
- Preselectable control modes for optimum load adjustment Δ p-c (differential pressure constant), Δ p-v (differential pressure variable)
- Integrated motor protection
- LED for setting the setpoint and displaying the current consumption in watts
- Venting function for venting the rotor chamber
- Quick electrical connection with Wilo-Connector
- Flexible installation due to compact design
- Very high starting torque for reliable starting

Technical data

- Fluid temperature -10°C to +95°C
- Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
- Protection class IP X2 D
- Threaded connection Rp ½, Rp 1 and Rp 1¼
- Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Wilo UK
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Wilo UK Main Contact

Wilo UK
Second Avenue
Centrum 100
Burton upon Trent
DE14 2WJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01283 523000


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About the Company

Wilo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, air conditioning and cooling technology, as well as for water supplies and sewage treatment and disposal.
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