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Broadway Pro (8S3100..0)


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Rounded Timber PVC Modern 4 People Free standing Hot tubs
Technical Specification

Length (mm) : 2470
Width (mm) : 2470
Height (mm) : 1093
Volume (L) : 1100

A spa is a unique place to share with family and friends.
Have fun or relax, whichever you prefer: set the Water Massage for an energy-charged session or, if you prefer something more relaxing, simply connect the Air Massage. Use the special functions included in some of the models to enjoy a complete experience.
Roca Spas can be installed indoors or out, and are available in different shapes (round or rectangular), sizes (to fit up to seven people) and finishes, so you can chose the one that best fits your requirements.

Our spas are made from sanitary acrylic, which has been reinforced to make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
Every model in the range is equipped with a water heater and filtration system, so you do not need to empty the spa after each use.
The self-supporting models are easy to install, as they only need to be connected to the water and electricity mains supplies.
The Broadway range is available in different finishes to allow its models to integrate seamlessly into any setting.
00 White
AG Granite Blue AO Ocean Blue SG Granite Sierra

- Water massage: Water massage: water is injected through directable jets. Provides a toning sensation for the entire body. The jets are strategically situated, thus guaranteeing a comprehensive massage session. The number and type of jets depends upon the spa model.
- Air massage: a gentle, relaxing effect from micro-openings on the bottom of the spa.
- Thermal cover: the Broadway models include a thermal cover that prevents the water from evaporating and keeps it at the required temperature. Also, with the cover in place when the spa is not being used, the water stays clean for longer.
- Heating unit: all Roca spa models include a heating unit to keep the water at the temperature you want.
- Filtering equipment: via the skimmer, the water enters the maintenance system which, using a filter with rechargeable cartridges, cleans any impurities from the water. This operates continuously for greater effectiveness.
- Skirting: spas may optionally be purchased with wood skirting for freestanding installation.
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Roca Main Contact

Roca UK
Samson Road, Hermitage Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leicestershire

LE67 3FP
United Kingdom

Tel: 01530 519304


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About the Company

Formed in 1917 by four siblings of the Roca family, Roca is the world’s leading company in the creation of bathroom products.
We currently have 76 production centres, a presence in more than 135 countries across 5 continents and employ over 21,100 people around the world.

The UK operation, established in 1993, has a comprehensive stock holding with a nationwide distribution network.

A dedicated specification team offer their knowledge and support for all project types and an after sales department at the office in Leicestershire provide support, if needed, once projects are complete.
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