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Kalzip Acoustic Deck Roof System High Humidity U value 0 18 3ww1A.rvt:
Kalzip Acoustic Deck Roof System U value 0 18 vVfWn.rvt:
Kalzip Acoustic Liner Roof System U value 0 18 xoUh2.rvt:
Kalzip Acoustic Liner Deck Roof System Rw value 49dB qMoXn.rvt:
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Technical Specification


There are many occasions where a Kalzip roof system will require to be acoustically enhanced. Some buildings, due to their location (e.g. near an airport or in a busy city centre) will need to keep excessive external noise out, whilst others because of internal use or process (e.g. concert hall, engine-test facility etc) will require that the internal noise be contained. A major contributory factor in the ability of a roof system to reduce the impact of air-borne sound is the total mass of the system. Other factors include insulation and isolation.

Kalzip roof constructions can be modified to accommodate various acoustic performance requirements, by incorporating other layers such as high density insulation, acoustic boards and flexible membranes to provide increased sound reduction performance and by perforating the liner to provide improved sound absorption performance.

Kalzip acoustic board is a high density cement-particle board that can easily be incorporated into a Kalzip roof system in order to dramatically increase the mass and subsequently the sound reduction properties of the system.

Kalzip acoustic membrane is a high density rubberised polyethylene sound barrier membrane that can easily also be incorporated into the system to increase the mass and subsequently improve the sound reduction properties. The Kalzip acoustic membrane is typically used in conjunction with the Kalzip acoustic board and can also act as an isolator between boards further enhancing acoustic performance.

For further information on acoustically enhancing the Kalzip roof system please contact the Kalzip Technical Department.
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Kalzip Ltd
Haydock Lane, Haydock
St. Helens
WA11 9TY
United Kingdom

Tel: 01942 295 500


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About the Company

Kalzip specialises in the international manufacture and supply of tailored metal solutions for building envelopes and is the world’s leading aluminium standing seam roofing and wall cladding system. Since being launched onto the market in 1968, over 90 million sqm of Kalzip aluminium profiled sheets have been installed on an increasingly wide variety of roofs and façades all around the world.

Kalzip is a precision engineered, multi component system with proven durability, high performance and low maintenance. Innovation, quality, technical capability, experience and service are just some of Kalzip’s key attributes with the company’s extensive research and development activities which are aimed at continually pushing the boundaries of modern construction capabilities and providing the very best building envelope solution every time.

A range of materials, finishes and shapes, virtually limitless design potential and advanced roll forming techniques have enabled Kalzip to combine functionality with stunning aesthetics on both small uncomplicated designs and world-famous, award winning projects.

Alternative products include;
• Kalzip foldable aluminium
• Kalzip solar solutions
• Kalzip Nature Roof
• Kalzip off site construction
• Bespoke fabrications
• A series of safety accessories and approved and certified system components.

In addition, Kalzip offer unrivalled levels of technical support combined with a fully established and experienced technical design service who are fully equipped and knowledgeable in the application of all Kalzip products and solutions.

With independent sites covering; North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and sales offices worldwide, Kalzip boasts international experience with local services for customers. All Kalzip systems are installed by a fully approved, highly trained network of Teamkal contractors. For further information visit
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