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FC rainscreen


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Green White - Creamy Blue Grey - Dark Red - Brown Aluminium Metallic
Technical Specification

Length (mm) : 350 - 8000
Thickness (mm) : 1,0 - 1,2

Light, flexible, aluminium rainscreen panel

Kalzip FC is a non-penetrative façade system that incorporates a fast-to-install lightweight flat rainscreen panel, suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The FC rainscreen system is a cost-effective horizontally-spanning solution providing the flexibility to install panels in two directions – either from the top of the façade to the bottom or from the bottom up.

This choice of panel mounting direction is a unique benefit which allows not only easier and faster installation compared to conventional rainscreen panel systems but also allows scaffolding or subsequent construction work to be coordinated independently from the installation process.

The system's innovative design and technical capabilities also allow individual sheets to be removed and installed without compromising the adjoining panels or the overall integrity of the façade system.

To assist you in the planning of your project, detailed drawings are available on request please contact the Kalzip Technical Department for further details.

Kalzip FC rainscreen system features & benefits
• Contemporary, visually stunning aesthetics

• Several different profile widths provide flexibility and scope for design

• Highly cost-effective through simple and fast installation techniques

• Optimised panel geometry means low inherent weight and reduced use of materials

• Variable acoustic and thermal insulation options

• A wide range of colour and surface finishes with edge folding as standard

• Fully integrated corner panels (optional)

• High structural performance

• Creation of fixed point without the use of screws and rivets
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Kalzip Main Contact

Kalzip Ltd
Haydock Lane, Haydock
St. Helens
WA11 9TY
United Kingdom

Tel: 01942 295 500


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About the Company

Kalzip specialises in the international manufacture and supply of tailored metal solutions for building envelopes and is the world’s leading aluminium standing seam roofing and wall cladding system. Since being launched onto the market in 1968, over 90 million sqm of Kalzip aluminium profiled sheets have been installed on an increasingly wide variety of roofs and façades all around the world.

Kalzip is a precision engineered, multi component system with proven durability, high performance and low maintenance. Innovation, quality, technical capability, experience and service are just some of Kalzip’s key attributes with the company’s extensive research and development activities which are aimed at continually pushing the boundaries of modern construction capabilities and providing the very best building envelope solution every time.

A range of materials, finishes and shapes, virtually limitless design potential and advanced roll forming techniques have enabled Kalzip to combine functionality with stunning aesthetics on both small uncomplicated designs and world-famous, award winning projects.

Alternative products include;
• Kalzip foldable aluminium
• Kalzip solar solutions
• Kalzip Nature Roof
• Kalzip off site construction
• Bespoke fabrications
• A series of safety accessories and approved and certified system components.

In addition, Kalzip offer unrivalled levels of technical support combined with a fully established and experienced technical design service who are fully equipped and knowledgeable in the application of all Kalzip products and solutions.

With independent sites covering; North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and sales offices worldwide, Kalzip boasts international experience with local services for customers. All Kalzip systems are installed by a fully approved, highly trained network of Teamkal contractors. For further information visit
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