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Freestanding post System


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Technical Specification


The ManSafe Freestanding Constant Force post provides assured worker safety at height where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

At the heart of the system is Latchways’ unique Constant Force technology. The Constant Force post is contained within an anchor device consisting of a galvanised steel frame and galvanised steel weights bolted in a circular formation onto rubber coated base weights. In the event of a fall, the Constant Force post deploys to limit the load on the system while the weights simultaneously create a friction anchor between the unit and the roof surface.

Applicable where there is an occasional safety at height requirement.
Suitable for flat roofs (maximum 5° pitch).
Can be used on a wide range of roof surfaces including concrete, single-ply membrane, bituminous membrane, sanded and stone chipping asphalt, and steel profile.
No need to puncture the roof membrane to fix the system.
Special rotating anchor turns through 90° for maximum user flexibility.
Each anchor device protects a single user.
Conforms to BS EN 795 class E.

Specification Details

The Freestanding Constant Force post is for use as a single point anchor conforming to BS EN 795 Class E and can also be used as part of a Latchways ManSafe horizontal cable system, which has been independantly tested.

The post is used on nominally flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 5º where it is impractible to install traditional Constant Force posts or rigid anchor posts to the roof or supporting structure. The post has been tested and approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt-sanded, asphalt-stone chipped and steel roof profiles. If the roofing profile which you have selected falls outside the current range, please contact Latchways technical department on 44 (0) 1380 732700 for further advice.

The interlocking segmets are arranged in a circular form, ensuring that the post is omni directional. Each segment has an integral carry handle and is a maximum weight of 25 kg. Ensure no part of the anchor device is less than 2.5 m from any roof edge including skylights, hatches etc. Where appropriate, remove any loose chippings prior to assembling the post. When connecting to the post or system, always use a full body harness and energy absorbing lanyard to appropriate national standards.

The post must never be used during periods of adverse weather conditions (i.e. frost, snow or freezing conditions) or if the roof surface is contaminated by algae, grease, oil or any other type of lubricant.
Testing / Maintenance

Constant Force posts should be tested annually by an authorised installer or agent. Contact Latchways Sales Department for details of certified installers.

User Instructions

For use on flat roofs with a maximum 5° pitch.
Must never be used during periods when frost, ice or snow are present on the roof surface or when freezing conditions are imminent.
Must never be used where there is contamination of the roof surface and/or anchor device by oil, grease, etc. or by algae growth.
Should be positioned to avoid areas where water accumulates.
The roof surface must be swept clear of all loose stone chippings, dust, etc. before sitting and assembling the anchor device.
The anchor device is for the attachment of a single user.
Only attach to the system by means of a retractable fall arrest lanyard and full body harness conforming to the appropriate safety standards.
Installation should ensure that no part of the anchor device is less than 2.5 m from the edge of the fall hazard.
Not for use as an abseiling point.
Further details are available in the user instructions.

For further information on any aspect of ManSafe for Roofing contact Latchways.
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Latchways Main Contact

Latchways plc
Hopton Park, Wiltshire

SN10 2JP
United Kingdom

Tel: 01380 732700


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About the Company

Latchways is a group of companies dedicated to protecting the safety of individuals working at height.

The Latchways ManSafe fall protection range is used around the world on tall buildings and structures as diverse as office blocks,industrial units, leisure and retail complexes, telecommunications towers, bridges and electricity pylons. The products themselves are innovative in their design and manufactured to the highest quality. In turn, a global network of specialist approved partner companies provides the assurance that product quality is matched by equally high standards of installation and maintenance.

Group company HCL operates autonomously within the UK and Ireland in complementing and expanding the Latchways’ product concept. HCL is a leading provider of personal protective equipment and its services include the supply, installation, user training, warranty and maintenance of all types of safety at height and safe access systems.

The Latchways group is expanding through research-based organic growth and also by acquisition of companies whose patented products or services add value to the core proposition. Such a dynamic approach, backed by a commitment to continually enhance its customer offering, has established Latchways at the very forefront of safety at height in all the key global markets.
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