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Internal Roller Blinds


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White - Creamy Open weave PVC Cotton Polyester Glass fiber Manual Motorised Plain - solid colour
Technical Specification


Levolux Internal Roller Blinds are ideally suited to offices, public buildings and applications where unsupervised personnel are likely to operate the blinds.

Levolux roller blinds provide designers with reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to eliminate glare, reduce solar heat gain and control light.

A wide range of flame retardant fabrics are available including cotton, glass fibre, polyester, opaque for room darkening and open weave PVC Sunscreen which allows significant outward visibility whilst reducing solar heat gain.
Features and Benefits of Internal Roller Blinds

Aesthetically Pleasing - A wide range of fabric types, colours and patterns are available.
Ultimate Control - A choice of control mechanisms are available. Remote control enables people to adjust the blinds more accurately according to their normal positions within rooms.
Adaptable - For blinds on moving applications such as doors, tilting windows or draughty situations, side guides can be fitted. Two standard types are available, perlon and steel cables, or extruded aluminium sections.
Technically Reliable - Latest designs allow smooth trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.
Flexibility - Several standard roller systems are available to cope with blind sizes up to 4m wide and 6m drop. Larger sizes can also be handled using our special systems. Together with a variety of operating control the designer has a totally flexible system to meet even the most demanding building requirements.

The Range of Internal Roller Blinds Options

Levolux 710 Roller Blind - A modern application of the traditional automatic spring operated roller blind. With a heavy duty spring mounted within the metal roller barrel and a high performance ratchet system to give easy control and years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. For special applications, ratchet mechanism may be omitted to operate under constant tension with pull cord which can be diverted via pulleys to a securing cleat. Blinds may also pull upwards from cill.

Levolux 760L Roller Blind - A friction system that can be raised and lowered to any position by a smooth action continuous beadchain mechanism. For large or heavy blinds, a compensating spring is built into the mechanism to ensure simple, light operation.

Levolux 780L Technical Roller Blind - Similar to the 760 but can be operated by either gear and handle or by electric motor.

Levolux 760N/780N - Brackets are made of tivar allowing flexibility in bracket sizing. This flexibility also allows “dual brackets” to incorporate both sunshading and room darkening blinds either side by side or vertically offset.

Levolux 780G - Suitable for large and long drop blinds.

Levolux 760Z/780Z - Cassette type roller blind with various sizes of extruded headboxes and side guides. Fabrics are gripped within the side guide using the unique ”zip“ system. Blinds can be manual, chain or motorised operation.

Levolux 700 Variants - The Levolux 700 Series can be adapted to meet the demands of each building’s needs.
System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Levolux Internal Roller Blind are:

Headbox - Various standard extruded or pressed aluminium headboxes and clip on fascias are available. Other bespoke solutions can be considered.
Bottom Bar - Various types of exposed or covered extruded aluminium or timber bottom bars are available to suit individual project requirements.
Roller Barrel - Several standard sizes are available from 25mm diameter for smaller blinds to 127mm diameter for blinds up to 7 metres wide. For sizes over the standard, speak to our design department.
Fabrics - For general use to control glare and light, a wide range of fabric types are available including cotton, polyester, opaque, trevira and fibreglass. Many fabrics are flame retardant, often an essential factor to comply with building regulations. For high performance glare and solar heat gain reduction, together with significant outward visibility, a range of woven PVC coated fibreglass and PVC coated polyester fabrics, once again flame retardant, are also available.
Controls - Include cord, beadchain, gearbox and handle or motorised operation, with infra-red or automatic solar control are available.

Bespoke Levolux controls can also be designed for specific building and shading requirements.
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Levolux Main Contact

Levolux Limited
1 Forward Drive
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8863 9111


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About the Company

Levolux is the UK's leading Solar Shading specialist, offering a complete service from design and manufacture through to supply, installation and maintenance.

It offers a comprehensive range of products including Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Tensioned Fabric Blinds, Aerofoil Fins, Ventilation Louvres and Screening Louvres. It also offers an innovative Stretched Acoustic Fabric Walling system.

Levolux is renowned for its design capability and its ability to work collaboratively and flexibly to develop bespoke, cost effective solutions to satisfy even the most challenging brief.
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