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Timber fins


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Technical Specification


Levolux timber fins efficient external sunscreening non-retractable system fixed angle adjustable motorised fully automated solar controls Providing a ‘green’ and aesthetically interesting and attractive alternative to aluminium, Levolux timber fins offer all the advantages and efficiency of a conventional sunscreening system while dramatically enhancing the architecture of a building’s outer envelope.

Levolux timber fins can be used both externally and internally and are generally available in the same range of widths and bespoke profiles as their aluminium counterparts. They may be produced to meet specific building requirements and the framework and supports for the system can either be extruded aluminium sections or steel.
Environmentally Friendly

All timber used comes from sustainable resources and, in external situations, western red cedar is most generally employed as it is readily available, stable, relatively light in weight and may be installed without the application of any finish. Over time it takes on an attractive silvery grey colour - if lacquer or oil is employed this treatment will need to be repeated on an ongoing basis.

In internal situations there is the freedom to use a greater range of timber types since the fins will not be susceptible to the effects of the weather. In all cases the option exits to join planks edge to edge to achieve greater widths or to combine them with steel or aluminium to create varying aesthetics or skeletonised forms which allow some light to pass through, so creating a visually less dense construction. Timber fins can also be supplied in various sizes and profiles.

Levolux timber fins are a non-retractable system and may be installed vertically or horizontally. Increased control of the internal environment is achieved when they are adjustable through manual or motorised operation. This can be by the use of a gearbox and handle, by motor with switch control or through the use of automatic solar controls
Features & Benefits of Timber Fins

Aesthetically pleasing - Fins can be manufactured in a variety of timbers, the most popular being Western Red Cedar. In all cases the timber comes from sustainable sources.
Virtually maintenance free – The timber fins can be left to weather naturally. Alternatively treatments can be added to the timber as required.
Reduces energy costs - Energy costs are reduced by limiting solar heat gain in the building, which in turn minimises the need for air conditioning.
Comfortable environment - Large Timber Fins allow a significant level of natural daylight into the building whilst reducing solar gain. Additionally, the wide spacing allows good outward visibility with less clutter to the sight line. Furthermore, they fit in well with the concept of natural ventilation, and provide excellent control of the internal environment if controlled automatically or linked to the Building Management System.
Flexibility - Fins can be installed on new buildings or as part of a refurbishment of an existing building.
Accessibility - In order to provide access for maintenance, Levolux Timber Fins can be integrated into a complete façade system, incorporating walkway, handrail and latchway system.

The Range of Timber Fins Options

Levolux Timber Aerofoil Fins are available in varying widths from 100mm to 500mm as standard, other sizes can be considered. Due to the flexibility of the system, it is generally possible to design solutions to meet the specific requirements of the architect and client.
System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The first fix brackets, support arms and structure can be manufactured from either steel or extruded aluminium, dependent upon each application’s building needs and loadings. Fins are normally manufactured as one piece extruded aluminium sections up to a maximum width, at present, of 500mm. Multi part fins are also available for generally larger width requirements. The method of “fixing” the fins once again can vary greatly depending on the façade and structural requirements together with the degree of shading required.

Walkways (optional) can be either steel (grid type) or extruded aluminium ‘T’ sections. Controls (optional) of various types are available to provide manual, motorized or fully automatic operation. Automatic controls can be stand alone or integrated into the Building Management System.

Aluminium systems can be provided in a wide range of finishes including mill, anodised or polyester powder coated. Steel components can be supplied in stainless steel or can be manufactured from mild steel with a galvanised and/or multi-pack paint finish.
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Levolux Limited
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About the Company

Levolux is the UK's leading Solar Shading specialist, offering a complete service from design and manufacture through to supply, installation and maintenance.

It offers a comprehensive range of products including Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Tensioned Fabric Blinds, Aerofoil Fins, Ventilation Louvres and Screening Louvres. It also offers an innovative Stretched Acoustic Fabric Walling system.

Levolux is renowned for its design capability and its ability to work collaboratively and flexibly to develop bespoke, cost effective solutions to satisfy even the most challenging brief.
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