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Grey - Dark Rectangular Steel Stainless Steel
Technical Specification


ACO FreeDeck is an advanced roof and balcony drainage system combining line drainage with point drainage by using an open sided drainage channel system to collect and convey rainwater to drainage points within a raised or suspended deck structure.
Rainwater is intercepted at 3 points:
• Surface run-off
• Percolation within the deck
• Rainwater outlet positions

Manufactured in galvanised steel or stainless steel, ACO FreeDeck channel is simply laid directly onto the insulation layer or waterproofing membrane. Efficient drainage is provided where pavings are required to be laid 'open or closed joint' improving safety for foot traffic and weathered protection of the building fabric.
Complying with national access regulations
ACO FreeDeck channels provide level access drainage in compliance with:
• England and Wales Building Regulations ACCESS TO AND USE OF BUILDING: Approved Document M
• Scottish Building Standards DOMESTIC AND NON DOMESTIC HANDBOOK: Section 4
• Northern Ireland Building Regulations, DFP Technical Booklet R: 2006 ACCESS TO AND USE OF BUILDINGS: Section 7

 Key Features & Benefits:
• ACO FreeDeck is used for rainwater drainage and safe access in a variety of applications
• Drainage for all types of suspended deck construction
• A system that details into all types of flat roof finishes
• Practical within all applications throughout building life
• A drainage system that protects and maintains the building fabric
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ACO Main Contact

ACO Technologies plc
ACO Business Park
Hitchin Road
SG17 5TE
United Kingdom

Tel: 01462 816666


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About the Company

ACO operates as ACO Technologies plc in the United Kingdom. Founded over 25 years ago, the company has grown quickly on a reputation for design innovation and customer service.

There are now 4 divisions within ACO Technologies that serve every sector of the construction industry, providing solutions for applications as diverse as rail, highways, airports, landscaping, retail, distribution centres and environmentally sensitive projects.

To help architects, designers and contractors meet the legal requirements that now tightly control the way surface water is managed, ACO has created its unique ‘Surface Water Management Cycle’ – Collect, Clean, Hold, Release – the four core processes now required for the complete and sustainable management of surface water drainage.
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