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TIME is a new kitchen with glossy and matt lacquered doors, 22 mm in thickness, characterised by curved doors in white, ecru, taupe, pearl grey, blue and ruby red. Precious surfaces and soft lines that come together to create captivating sensations with gentle tones that enhance the lacquer. “TIME” guarantees brightness and elegance in every combination. Decorative steel containers are proposed in combination with this type of kitchen.
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ARREDO 3 s.r.l.
Via Moglianese, 23

Tel: +39 041 5899111


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About the Company

An Italian History

From the friendship that joins the three founders, also after the disappearance of Franco, the soul of Arredo3 borns: a hard but ambitious mess-tin of shared sacrifices with their own families has reinforced strong ties of affiliation to the brand in each of the 160 employees, among which 50 employees and technicians.

Four dates, locations, buildings that summarize the background and growth of an authentic and healthy Italian company:
1984 - Resana (Treviso) ARREDO3 was born in a laboratory-shop of 200 m2. A small place for a big dream
1986 - Trebaseleghe (Padua), a building of 800 m2 that included a space exclusively dedicated to sales department.
1988 - Morgano (Treviso), a new warehouse of 2,800 m2. The company developed its new production and sales site.
1996 - Scorzè (Venice). Arredo3 moved into its current industrial complex where it progressively expanded its buildings to the current total of 57,000 m2, across a total area of 140.000 m2.

The true spirit of this honourable and impressive company was formed by three close friends: Aldo, Ivano, and Franco. Modest people but smart enough and believer af the values of their roots, of family and work.It took little more than a decade to transform a small artisan company into a national leader in the field of modular kitchens.

Human resources; the true capital of the company

There is no company without men. Without engagement, correctness, scruple and professionalism of people, machines and technology would not have contributed to our constant business development. That's why Arredo3 rewards innovative contributions, engagement and competences of their employees and collaborators, realizing updating courses and ways of professional adjustment for every level and duty, because for Arredo3 every collaborator is a resource that must be sustained and valorized adequately.

Team spirit: competitiveness borns from the strength of the group

The culture of Arredo3 is founded on the team spirit, on the integration of the competences and the group work. For a long time the company is aware that at the base of consolidation and of development of the enterprise, there is, and it is due, the cohesion of efforts of responsible people. Numerous actions of Arredo3 aim at spread and improve the team spirit, that contributes to give a precise and strong identity to the brand.

The production: more efficiency and flexibility

To increase its own competitiveness in a sector in continuous expansion, Arredo3 has moved in two foreheads: from a side it has increased its productive ability through manifold investments, from the other one it has reduced the times to the applications of the market requests thanks to a careful flexibility in the productive trials and to the optimization of the delivery times.

The research: to plan the future

Arredo3 has always distinguished itself for the technological avant-garde solutions of their products. This ability of innovation derives from the constant attention to the research that borns from a careful and continuous examination of market requests from its evolutions and demands. In Arredo3 laboratories we develop and plan the kitchens of the future. This is the recipe of its success, and Aldo and Ivano are the precious custodians of it. A mission that they known how to transfer to every collaborator: quality of life for a better productivity at work. Everyone can rely on the company, and the company can rely on each of them.

Logistics and Research

Logistics and research: two key words at Arredo3 to support the retail at every stage, from the order to the delivery.

The automation of the warehouse logistics is a real excellence for Scorzè. In the immense warehouses of production department, an elaborate storage system allows the precise control of orders in the collection phase of semi-finished products. An original patent allows the machines to pick up the single pieces from the warehouse through a sophisticated nonskid process that is daily controlled through careful analysis by every department responsible. It provides excellent results in systematically loading lorrys according to the demands of the carrier.

The high level of technological automation provides:

- 200 kitchens produced each day
- 4,000 packages produced each day
- 1,800,000 packages shipped from the warehouse each year
- Ability to track each product at each stage of the supply chain
- Graphical system that allows customers to interact with the internal operating system (price lists, products, news, etc.)
- Maximum attention to employees safety in each stage of production
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