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E98 Passiv

Urban Front

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Timber/Wood CE Double Single with side panels Single Double with side panels Plain with design Plain Partly glazed Timber

Technical Specification

Width (mm) : Up to 1040
Height (mm) : Up to 2200
U value (K/m2) : 0.8
Acoustic insulation (dB) : 32

All our designs as shown are custom made up to 1200x2400mm in the E80 pivot door ranges and up to 1040x2400mm in the E80 hinged door and selected designs available in our E98Passiv hinged door range. Each of our doors is available in a range of woods, configurations and build types.

Specifications for Urban Front e98Passiv doors
(Passive House Certified)
Available in Parma, Porto, Porto V, Modena, Neo, Milano, Oslo, Rondo, Rondo V

Overall frame Sizes (Single Doorsets)
- e98Passiv (not available as pivot) overall frame size 1040 x 2200mm

- Exterior leaf 10mm of natural solid wood lamination
- 5mm of composite stabilizing layer
- 20mm PU Insulation layer
- U section Double steel reinforcement 8/30 thick X 2
- Paraffin Insulation 280 Kg/m3
- 5mm of composite stabilizing layer
- Interior leaf 10mm of natural solid wood lamination

- Overall door leaf thickness 98mm
- Natural Solid wood exterior and Interior leaf 20mm
- Steel reinforced core
- Insulated doorset to 0.8W/m2K and 32db sound insulation
- Airtightness class 3 according to EN 12207
- Natural 6 layers laminated solid wood rebated frames
- Acoustic silicone base weatherseals withstand temperature +70c to -30c
- Door furniture and handles in grade 316 stainless steel suitable for marine

- Natural matching solid wood Cill with slimline mobility threshold compliant with part M building regulations (ask for more detail)
- Inwards opening as standard – Outward opening on request

Security and Hardware
- Class 4 five multipoint security lock, Hardened steel main bolt 8x30mm – Classification 4 as per ENV 1627-1630 DIN 18251 resistance performance 3
- Multiaxial 3D non concealed hinges, maximum weight 120kg, maximum horizontal stress 360N – Tested to EN 1935:2002
- Available on request: Reversible electric latch, Multipoint locks, Fingerprint locks, Fire Exit quick release locks, Automatic door closers, Master keys, Electronic Cylinders, Fingerprint entry system with fully automated locks.

- 5 Years manufacturing warrantee on Natural Solid Wood doorsets
- 5 Years warrantee on locks


- European oak:
This yellowish-gold brown hardwood is known for its high strength properties and its durability. It's moisture movement is medium and it has a good density with a medium to course texture. It is used for heavy structural use, cladding, exterior and interior joinery, furniture and flooring.

- Iroko:
When freshly cut, Iroko has a distinct yellow colour and only changes to a golden brown when exposed to light. With excellent strength properties, it compares well with teak though weaker in bending and in compression. With a medium texture and small moisture movement, it is used mainly for exterior joinery and bridge construction.

- Western red cedar:
WRC is famous for its variation in colour ranging from chocolate brown to reddish brown to salmon pink although the main colour is reddish brown. This wood is moderately very durable and therefore is light in weight and a softer timber than all the other woods listed on this page. It is less resistant to splitting and indentation and can mark very quickly.

- American black walnut:
Walnut is a dark brown/black or a rich purplish-black colour and has a fine even texture and rather coarse grain. Moderately durable and with a medium moisture movement therefore requires more maintenance than all the other wood types that we offer. It would be a pity not to be able to use such a beautiful wood, so we advise that it is only used in a semi protected area and maintained more frequently.

- Wenge:
Mainly found in Zaire, Wenge is a very dark brown colour with close blackish veins and has a good resilience to bending and shock. Very durable with small moisture movement, it also has a coarse texture. It is mainly use for exterior and interior joinery.

- Fumed oak:
Fumed Oak is an exciting addition to our wood collection, with its colour ranging from deep brown to honey-brown. These colours coupled with intense blonde streaks occurring through-out the timber from the secondary process of fuming, keep it rich and intense. With similar structural properties to our European Oak in its durability, the fuming process of oak was associated for a long time with furniture and flooring and it is a pity that it was not used more on external doors. It is a beautiful wood with a lot of character that can be used for a more contemporary look. Available for external and internal use.
Urban Front
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Urban Front Main Contact

Urban Front Ltd
Unit 4 Chesham Business Park
33 Townsend Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1494 778 787


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About the Company

Urban Front is run by a young enthusiastic team of designers. Born after a real struggle to find one simple contemporary door on the market back in 2003, Urban Front embodies a passion for high quality doors, materials, design and service. We aim to continually exceed your expectations, develop our product and keep what we do one step ahead of trend, completely innovative and always exceptional. We believe that there is nothing comparable to our doors on the market today and have total confidence in our ability to prove this.

We work on a design led philosophy manufacturing and designing contemporary doors exclusive to us, and sold direct to customers from our workshop and showroom in Buckinghamshire, England.

What is special about Urban Front?

We are proud to be British manufacturers – through and through – with everything made and designed in England.

We manufacture a steel reinforced warp resistant core with insulation ranging between 1.1 and 0.566 W/m2K on the door leaf. In addition, we use high security locks, security keys, high grade stainless steel fittings, and 3D concealed and pivot hinges.

We are the only manufacturer in the UK who make steel reinforced hand crafted solid wood doors and pivot doors up to 2400mm high and 1200mm wide.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service working closely with our customers throughout the process. (please read more about our client's opinions)

Each of our hand-made external doors is registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office, making all of our doors distinctive in design and completely bespoke.

Our doors are known worldwide and are exported regularly direct to the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East to name a few.
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