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15thirty Collection®


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Brown-Beige Black Green White Grey Yellow Red Blue Orange Rectangular Painted - Solid colour Plain - solid colour

Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 147
Height (mm) : 297
Weight per Sqm (Kg) : 11.2
Light reflectance value (%) : 78
Pieces/m2 : 22
Thickness (mm) : 7

The typical Mosa wall­tile size 15 x 30 cm is now widely used by architects and interior designers. This size is primarily used to emphasise the horizontal lines in a room and is therefore an excellent basic size. 15thirty Collection® is a complete series of 15 x 30 cm wall tiles based on the familiar Mosa series: 15thirty Greys®, Global Collection, Mosa Matt Collection® and Mosa Colors®. 15thirty Collection therefore
offers sufficient options for every interior. 15thirty Collection is available in the following glaze finishes: high gloss, silk matt and the special powdermatt. This collection combines functionality, aesthetics and a favourable price.

15thirty Greys®
15thirty Greys is a wall­tile concept in 15 x 30 cm in warm and cool white and grey shades. A hori­ zontal arrangement of 15thirty Greys reinforces the spatial effect. Available in eight colours, warm and cool, white and grey. You can choose between matt and gloss­finish wall tiles. 15thirty Greys by Mosa thus forms an ideal basis for contemporary interiors in which every object remains eye­catching. See also the series 15thirty Greys at the website for matching floor tiles.

Mosa Matt Collection®
Les faïences émaillées de la Mosa Matt Collection sont plus mates et plus tactiles que tout autre carreau proposé actuellement sur le marché. Le format 15 x 30 cm se décline en
huit couleurs : plusieurs couleurs terre, noir, blanc et gris neutre. Cette série unique et de qualité supérieure représente une percée au niveau international dans le secteur des faïences mates poudrées. Grâce à un procédé d’émaillage innovant de Mosa, ce carreau est la toute nou­ velle référence en la matière. En les combinant avec des carreaux de sol non émaillés assortis,
il est possible de créer des intérieurs carrelés monochromes, où sols et murs forment un
tout indissociable. Voir aussi la série Mosa Matt Collection sur le site web pour des carreaux de sol assortis.

Global 15thirty
Global 15thirty consists of ten colours from the successful basic collection Global Collection
in the size 15 x 30 cm. This size has a modular design and can be combined in many different ways with other tiles from the Global Collection. This is an extensive collection of wall and floor tiles with non­slip properties and supplied com­ plete with accessories. This collection combines functionality, aesthetics and a favourable price. It is ideal for architects and clients in project­ based construction. See also the series Global Collection at the website for matching floor tiles.

Mosa Colors®
Mosa Colors in the size 15 x 30 cm is a series of high­gloss wall tiles in very bright colours, thanks to a special composition and a highly transparent glaze. The tiles have a modular design, and are therefore easy to combine with other tile formats for walls and floor. Mosa Colors forms the basis for colourful walls. See also the series Mosa Colors at the website for matching floor tiles.
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Mosa Main Contact

Koninklijke Mosa bv
Meerssenerweg 358
6224 AL Maastricht
6201 BA

Tel: +31 (0)43 368 94 44


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About the Company

Identity through Tiles

Restrained or colourful, geometrically formal or as a polymorphous mosaic, tiles can be used to achieve a wide variety of effects that strengthen architectural form and space. Moreover, tiles are functional, practical in use and maintenance, and long-lasting. Functionality and appearance determine the quality of an architectural design. Mosa contributes to this with tiles that are distinctive, innovative and of high aesthetic quality.


With almost 130 years’ experience in tile production, Royal Mosa in Maastricht stands apart internationally for innovative products that are not only ceramic but, nowadays, also made of glass and steel. Moreover, at Mosa the manufacturing process is organised in such a way that the company can find a solution for every problem, in constant dialogue with architects. Royal Mosa is ambitious. The past 10 years have seen strong growth in turnover and profits. Yearly almost 8 million m² of tiles find their way to 30 countries on 4 continents from the factories in Maastricht. The company is independent and is owned by the Dutch equity firm Egeria.


Mosa has made a deliberate choice to continue sustainable development and production in Maastricht in the factories where it began. And Mosa firmly plans to continue in this way, making products that fit contemporary and future architecture.

Innovation and design

Innovation plays a major role at Mosa. As early as the nineteen fifties, Mosa produced the first tiles consisting of a body and top-layer of differing compositions. In the nineteen sixties, Mosa introduced a much talked-about range of relief wall tiles onto the market based on a design by the industrial designer Kho Liang Ie. This range was taken back into production recently. In the nineteen eighties, the new two-layer Ultragres process was developed which is now used to make all Mosa’s unglazed floor tiles. And 2000 saw the introduction of the minimalist Xtreme wall and floor tiles made of glass and steel, which combine perfectly with Mosa’s ceramic floor tiles. In 2004, the Mosa LED series was introduced. This enables ceramic tiles with built-in LED lighting to be applied for the first time and to be used in walls and floors employing traditional methods. A new product is the Terra XXL: a series of very large floor tiles (20x120, 30x120, 40x120, 60x120 and 90x90cm). Mosa products have been awarded many design prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the IF Award recently. Mosa sets high requirements for all its products. In many cases, the quality of Mosa tiles exceed the ISO, EN and ASTM standards.


But Mosa innovations do not focus exclusively on products. They can also be found in the manufacturing process. We have organised production so as to meet the specific wishes of architects and enable the delivery of a custommade product in small batches, too. Because of this flexibility, Mosa can offer designers tiles that contribute optimally to the intended architectural result, both functionally and aesthetically. In fact, it’s not inconceivable that Mosa already has what the designer is looking for: a range of hundreds of colours, a huge variety of finishes and sizes (large, small, rectangular and elongated) and a multitude of accessories. In short, an impressive range of wall and floor tiles for various applications both indoor and outdoor. And thanks to sizes and colours that are specifically designed to complement each other, different tile ranges can be combined effortlessly.
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