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Epoca compact


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Green White - Creamy Blue Grey - Dark Red - Brown CE Modern Plain - solid colour Multi level loop pile Synthetic Sheets

Technical Specification

Width (mm) : 400

Carpets with timeless designs in a plethora of colours

Features and benefits
Epoca Compact is a stylish carpet collection in a handsome flat-woven quality. It has an attractive striped design with rigorous impact. The colour palette takes its starting point in very contemporary shades of grey. The collection is certified in accordance with European quality standard EN 1307. The carpets are Class 33 certified, making them suitable for use in areas with high traffic, such as offices and public areas. Epoca Compact gives you a simple and stylish carpet that exudes durability and quality.

- 48 contemporary shades
- Effective noise reduction
- Low degree of soiling
- Easy maintenance and cleaning
- Long lifetime
- Very durable
- Antistatic properties
- High security
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Egetæpper a/s
Postbox 190
Industrivej Nord 25

Tel: +45 97 11 88 11


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About the Company

Ege is one of Europe's leading companies when it comes to the design, development and production of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the environment.

The company, which was founded in 1938, has moved with the times and possesses the carpet industry's most modern technology. ege can supply carpets with any imaginable design and in the industry's shortest lead time.
We believe the environment is a serious matter. We work hard to minimise the environmental impact caused by the production of our carpets.

Ege’s declared CSR objective is to contribute to a more sustainable world by continually striving to improve how we handle environmental, social and financial challenges, for the benefit of future generations.
ege takes the technological lead.

An advanced dyeing system provides total freedom of design at ege. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design and colours of the carpet. The production process is computer-controlled, so dyeing and design is controlled right down to the smallest detail. The dyeing system is directly connected to the ege design computers. This means that we can control each of the 40,000 spray nozzles individually. Changes can be made immediately, and we can transform any idea into a perfectly dyed carpet. This gives us great flexibility and endless opportunities. And your carpet is shipped only three weeks after the day we receive your order.
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