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Technical Specification

Depth (mm) : 142 - 342

Z and C-section
Side Rail Systems
The z and c-section side rail product range consists of a fully compatible range of z and c-section profiles made from cold rolled steel in depths ranging from 142mm to 342mm deep. In addition a wide range of compatible accessories can be supplied catering for the majority of cladding types and designs.

Metsec Z and C-section profiles are manufactured from pre-hot dipped galvanised steel, G275 coating and with a minimim yield strength of 450N/mm². Further information on all of the following systems and their applications can be found in the Purlin Technical Manual.

The z and c-section butt side rail systems are suitable for buildings with single bays or more and offers a simple cleat connection to z or c-section side rails. This system is intended for smaller buildings, short or uneven spans or light loading conditions.

The z and c-section butt systems cater for spans of up to 15m depending on the load to be applied and where the cladding or liner tray offers adequate lateral support by virtue of its screw fixings at 600mm maximum spacing to the side rails.

The z and c-section butt systems cater for single bays and can therefore be used in conjunction with other systems or as a system in their own right.


A wide range of side rail cladding accessories are available from Metsec and include:

Sheeting Posts
Wind Bracing
Column Ties and Parapet Posts
Service Supports
Side Rail Supports
Diagonal Tie Wires
Panel Joint Rails
Horizontal Cladding Supports
Rapid Rail Support System

For details of the full range of Metsec accessories and their uses, consult the Technical Manual.
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Metsec Main Contact

Metsec plc
Broadwell Road

B69 4HF
United Kingdom

Tel: 0121 601 6000


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About the Company

Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries. We focus on adding value through expert design, precision manufacturing and on-time in full product delivery.

We combine excellent service and quality products to provide cost effective solutions for our customers throughout the world.

Established for over 80 years, Metsec plc is owned by the voestalpine group, one of Europe’s leading specialist engineering companies. We are part of voestalpine’s Metal Forming division, the world’s leading provider of high-quality metal processing solutions with production facilities all around the globe.
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