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Interior green wall


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Tray Green facades

Technical Specification


The Modulogreen process required several years of testing realized by horticultural experts.

The concept puts plants at the core of the system and places them in an environment which is optimal for their development and which ensures the most pleasant aesthetic outcome in the long term.

Resistant and recyclable
ABS was retained for its resistance to warping, roots growth and thermal variations. It is 100% recyclable.

Optimum watertightness
Mass-produced and perfectly shaped, the four sides create a perfect continuity of the vertical garden. The system allows an optimum watertightness.

A progressing process
The process gives an easy access to plants (thanks to the incline of panels) and a facilitated moving of panels. It is thus possible to modify the combination of plants without redoing the full installation.

Different sizes for minute details
Four different sizes of panels are available. Those four sizes are compatible with one another and enable to vegetalize surfaces in minute details.

A specific growing medium
The reliability of the concept resides also in the nature of the growing medium. 100% natural, it is reusable and stable in a long term.

A healthy environment
The growing medium Modulogreen is inert and offers a healthy environment, inauspicious to the development and spread of parasitical.

A balance between watertightness and drainage
The growing medium is incompressible and gives strong water retention as it insures extremely good draining qualities. It is the ideal composition for a good root development of plants.

hoice of plants
Among perennials, ferns, succulents, mosses, bulbs and shrubs, a wide variety of species are suitable for this type of living wall.
Aromatic plants can be added to decorative plants to have a different use of the plant wall.

Interesting visual outcome
The combination of climbing and hanging plants, almost immediately dissimulates the panel and the structure.
After a several-month period of vegetalization, the wall becomes a real plant fresco.

The total weigh of the plant wall is approximately 70kg/m2. (Planted medium and plants at their maximal absorption time, including metallic frame and bearing structure)

The structure is made of profiles (steel, wood and other materials) fixed on the panel with a suited fastening and secures a solid but light fastening of the vertical garden.
Independent from the facade
The structure of the vertical garden is screwed with brackets according a previously realised calpinage plan.
An adjustable air blade behind the plant wall ensures the airing of the system and prevents from any risk of condensation or any other exchange between the panel and the vertical garden.
The optimum watertightness is obtained thanks to the extension of the four sides of the panels preventing water to run behind the plant wall.
Phonic and thermal insulating materials are available.

Thee watering system is automatic, independent from the vertical garden and invisible. It is controlled by a program timer.
The dripping system allows a regular irrigation of 1.2 liter/hr for each emitter.
At a distance monitoring of watering frequencies is available and offers a better upkeep of the garden and better reactivity to changing climatic conditions.

The maximum consumption of water per year is approximately 140 liters / year/ m2.

A drip tray at the bottom of the vertical garden enables to get the surplus of water (essentially pluvial water)
Fertilizers are incorporated in the growing medium during the planting and are progressively diffused for a better assimilation by plants.
Then, a watering pump integrated in the watering system spreads fertilizers and oligo-elements which are necessary for plants.

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Modulogreen Main Contact

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Tel: + 33 1 60 82 00 00


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About the Company

Modulogreen® vertical solutions, a French/Portuguese product with more then 8 years of Green wall experience, with around 5000m2 interior and exterior walls installed in France, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Monaco.

Modulogreen® comes in 4 different sizes and is a made of ABS plastic, 100% recyclable and well known for it's excellent resistance to shock and climate variations.

Modulogreen® uses the existing mounting systems of the cladding industry to hang up their panels (weighting 80kg/m2) to all sorts of facades and interior walls.

The reliability of the Modulogreen® concept resides in the durable, reusable, inert and strong water retaining growing medium. This economical and ecological aspect of the product is very beneficially to their water-consumption, around140L./m2/year, with a automatic dripping system including a self regulating liquid fertilizing program.

Modulogreen® vertical solutions is a patented, multipurpose Green Wall solution for a aesthetically, thermal and phonic insulation improvement to a building.
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