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Technical Specification

Depth (mm) : 142 - 342

Metsec lattice joists offer a simple solution for the construction of both conventional and mezzanine floors due to their excellent strength to weight ratio. This means that a typical lattice steel joist can weigh up to 50% less than their hot rolled counterparts whilst spanning much further than timber joist alternatives.

Of great importance to the designer is the fact that the internal space can be optimised by passing services through the web of the lattice joists rather than having to suspend them underneath causing a significant loss of headroom.

Similarly, the ability to insert flush fitting timber sections into the top and bottom chords of the steel beam offers a simple medium for the fastening of floor decking and/or plasterboard ceilings.

In addition to the direct reduction of the environmental footprint of a construction project by virtue of their lighter weight, lattice beams can also help to reduce the environmental footprint of the project by using off-site fabrication to speed up the construction process of the floor as the lighter steel beam sections can generally be transported and handled more efficiently on site.

Metsec parallel floor beams at 600mm centres with the floor decking nailed to the top chord and two layers of plasterboard to the bottom chord.Lighter than hot rolled steel beams with the ability to span much further than timber joists.
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Metsec Main Contact

Metsec plc
Broadwell Road

B69 4HF
United Kingdom

Tel: 0121 601 6000


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About the Company

Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries. We focus on adding value through expert design, precision manufacturing and on-time in full product delivery.

We combine excellent service and quality products to provide cost effective solutions for our customers throughout the world.

Established for over 80 years, Metsec plc is owned by the voestalpine group, one of Europe’s leading specialist engineering companies. We are part of voestalpine’s Metal Forming division, the world’s leading provider of high-quality metal processing solutions with production facilities all around the globe.
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