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Polyester Cotton Open weave PVC Glass fiber Motorised Black out Plain - solid colour

Technical Specification


The Levolux Slimgroove Room Darkening System is established as one of the most effective, reliable and trouble-free solutions for areas where a high degree of light exclusion is required, such as lecture theatres, conference rooms, schools, and operating theatres.

Slimgroove is operated by gear and folding handle, electric motor and switch or infra-red remote control and can be used in vertical, sloping or horizontal applications.

The system’s design allows for easy installation and maintenance.
Features and Benefits of Room Darkening Blinds

- Excellent Light Exclusion - Light seals are fitted as standard to the side guides and bottom-rail.
- Aesthetically Pleasing - A wide range of opaque, flame retardant fabric colours are available. All extruded aluminium sections are anodised or polyester powder coated, to co-ordinate with the fabrics and surroundings.
- Ultimate Control - A choice of manual or motorised control mechanisms is available. Motorised control is particularly suited for conference centres and meeting rooms where an uninterrupted flow to activities is required by linking to audio visual control systems.
- Adaptable - Suitable for sloping or horizontal applications using the rooflight model.
- Easy Installation - Hidden fixings allow for easy installation with only the side guides needing fixing.
- Large Coverage - Glazing areas of up to 14sqm can be covered in one blind.

The Range of Options - Levolux 790-75/110 System

The standard system is designed for vertical gravity drop operation with either gearbox and handle or motorised operation. The system can also operate effectively on sloping applications up to 15 º from the vertical.

On other sloping or horizontal applications or where the fabric is required to draw upwards, the rooflight model with two headboxes is needed. The second headbox of the blind houses a strong spring mechanism connected to the bottom rail by draw tapes concealed within the side-guides. The fabric is always kept under tension to reduce sagging or catenary effect.

Applications - any application where a high degree of room darkening is required - Commercial offices, schools, colleges and museums.
The Range of Options - Levolux 790E Darkroom System

Has special design features for maximum light exclusion. Uses Blacknight fabric only. Has double brushes within the side guides and the internal surfaces are hand finished matt black.

Applications - dark rooms, laser rooms, electron microscope rooms and x-ray rooms.
System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The main components of the Levolux Slimgroove Room Darkening System are:

- The chamfered two part headbox, two part side guides and hem bar are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections that can be anodised or polyester powder coated from the standard colour range together with polyacetal end caps.
- Fabrics - a wide range of standard coloured fabrics that are all flame retardant and opaque are available.
- Control - Gear and Folding Handle - A smooth, robust method of operation, with the folding handle being held neatly in place by a magnetic retainer located on the side guide. The gear option can be specified on any Slimgroove model 75, 110 or Rooflight Blinds. Gear and folding handle operation is suitable for most operations.
- Electric Motor - A concealed 240v or 24v electric motor is located within the roller tube to control the raising and lowering of the blind fabric. Motors can be controlled by switch, remote control, infra-red or be interfaced with central control panels for automatic operation which are suitable for Slimgroove models 75, 110 and rooflight blinds. This is likely to be the only method of control when the blinds are fitted at high level or inaccessible locations. Particularly suitable for conference centres and meeting rooms where an uninterrupted flow to activities is required by linking to audio visual control systems.
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Levolux Limited
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United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8863 9111


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About the Company

Levolux is the UK's leading Solar Shading specialist, offering a complete service from design and manufacture through to supply, installation and maintenance.

It offers a comprehensive range of products including Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Tensioned Fabric Blinds, Aerofoil Fins, Ventilation Louvres and Screening Louvres. It also offers an innovative Stretched Acoustic Fabric Walling system.

Levolux is renowned for its design capability and its ability to work collaboratively and flexibly to develop bespoke, cost effective solutions to satisfy even the most challenging brief.
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