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High Performance louvres


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Red - Brown Grey - Dark White - Creamy Blue Green Aluminium

Technical Specification


High Performance Ventilation Louvres
High performance weather ventilation louvres airflow weatherability double bank louvre systems aerodynamic insect mesh doors flashings backing insulation panels

High performance ventilation louvres from Levolux offer an efficient, simple and effective weather ventilation louvre that is of British design and manufacture.

Levolux high performance ventilation louvres provide the combination of airflow and weatherability without compromise.

Due to its aerodynamic shape the same ventilation louvre can be pitched at both 50mm and 75mm to match our standard VLS50 and 75 louvre systems. The range of accessories for the high performance ventilation louvre include insect mesh, doors, flashings, backing and insulation panels.

The Levolux VLS50XHP/DF is a single one-piece extruded louvre that performs better than all other double bank louvre systems.
Features and Benefits of High Performance Ventilation Louvres

Aesthetically pleasing - the unique contoured single aerodynamic shape with inherent strength capability has a distinctive profile for a double bank system, whilst still retaining a continuous horizontal appearance. When pitched at 50mm apart the screen becomes a visual barrier irrespective of whatever angle they are viewed.
Virtually maintenance free - its patented pending all aluminium assembly for louvre to mullion clip assembly and A4 stainless steel fasteners, ensures eradication of any bimetallic reaction.
Reduces energy costs - as the unique blade shape is aerodynamically efficient, it has the best coefficient of discharge on the market for an extruded double bank, or even the well-known roll formed version. With air resistance being reduced through the louvre, it allows the aperture and plant equipment to be smaller so saving capital outlay and running costs.
Flexibility - this high performance system is designed to be fitted with the maximum flexibility utilising stainless steel M8 nuts and bolts to be slotted into stainless steel universal fixing brackets. As an extruded double bank it is unique in that the louvre depth is only 123mm deep making it possible for the louvre to be contained within a shallow envelope. It is also possible for the louvres to be fitted between side plates rather than using the standard clip and mullion. This combined with the high strength of the blade allows easy and quick installation with large tolerance capacity within the aperture.
Performance - the VLS50XHP/DF has the most aerodynamically efficient louvre available on the market with an extremely impressive free area (maximum incidence). It is also remarkably weather efficient which, until now, was thought to be impossible, providing both excellent ventilation and rain defence. The aperture for air intake is smaller but the amount of water entering the system is less than any other double bank, or even triple bank system, with a similar coefficient of discharge.
Testing - the high performance double bank system has been tested to EN13030 Edition 5 and has outperformed all other double bank and many triple bank systems

The Range of High Performance Ventilation Louvres Options

Our standard high performance double bank louvre is shown on the opposite page and its design parameters are on the back page. Due to its aerodynamic shape the same louvre can be pitched at both 50mm and 75mm to match our standard VLS50 and 75 louvre systems.

The range of accessories for the louvre include insect mesh, doors, flashings, backing and insulation panels. Finishes - are available anodised, mill finish or powder coated to any RAL colour.
System Construction

Mullions - the mullions are fixed back to Levolux stainless steel adjustable brackets at around 1200mm centres. There are three different types of mullion available. The standard profile and a deeper profile which allows the louvre system to span greater heights, in many cases reducing the need for secondary steelwork.
Louvres - the horizontal aluminium extrusions are important in that they create crisp lines and can be made into the complex shape required of this high performance double bank, twin flow louvre system.
Clips - the unique all aluminium tension clip system has the clip fitted into the slots and locked under the clip above. Once positioned the clip becomes immovable. Only one mechanical fix is required.
Fixing Brackets - stainless steel fixing brackets with slotted holes to overcome small tolerances, both horizontally and vertically.
Flashing - fabricated aluminium flashings are formed to encase the louvre system and form a weather seal around the openings.
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Levolux Limited
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About the Company

Levolux is the UK's leading Solar Shading specialist, offering a complete service from design and manufacture through to supply, installation and maintenance.

It offers a comprehensive range of products including Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Tensioned Fabric Blinds, Aerofoil Fins, Ventilation Louvres and Screening Louvres. It also offers an innovative Stretched Acoustic Fabric Walling system.

Levolux is renowned for its design capability and its ability to work collaboratively and flexibly to develop bespoke, cost effective solutions to satisfy even the most challenging brief.
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