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Building Pieces
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Building Pieces provides specifiers with a personal lifetime library, which will follow them during their entire career. The intention is to replace existing in house libraries that architects and designers struggle to use within their practices. Our virtual library is friendly to use and specifiers can easily retrieve information on a product they have previously stored, such as BIM files, technical specifications, images or brochures.


Members can also specify their project by creating PDF reports in our projects section. It saves them time in connecting with their design team but also with engineers, planners, contractors and any stakeholder involved in the design.




Building Pieces allows members to store their favourite products in a virtual online library so they can easily retrieve them.


The library is designed in such a way that you can browse by category, company or latest addition. You do not need to worry about organising your library, Building Pieces will do it for you.


Your library will follow you during your entire career. All your research will stay in one place and will be updated. If you are moving onto another company, your library will stay with you and you will be able to use these resources immediately.


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Building Pieces integrates a simple tool for specifiers to easily produce project reports.


Simply add products to an online project and create a PDF report in one click. It has never been so easy to share the information within your design team.