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Clos-o-Mat launch the ‘expert’s blog’


A new service from Clos-o-Mat is helping installers of assisted washrooms minimise the hassle factor.

The company, Britain’s leading supplier of disabled toilet facilities both in and out of the home, has launched the new, online, ‘ expert’s blog’ service to help overcome the typical- and less obvious- issues arising during installation of Changing Places public accessible toilets and hygiene rooms.

“It seems basic, but so often we get to site to undertake installation to find stud walls are not structurally strong enough to carry the load bearing of a wall-mounted, height adjustable changing bench, that electrics are in the wrong place- or not available at all, or even that there is no water supply!” says Clos-o-Mat Changing Places senior project manager Kelvin Grimes.

“My blog enables installers and the management team providing the toilet to quickly double-check any queries, on their computer at work, or on-site via mobile phone or tablet. It flags up little considerations that may not even have crossed someone’s mind, but which could delay the whole project. And to be really sure, an early site meeting with us- available free of charge- further helps eliminate any problems.”

Changing Places toilets and hygiene rooms are growing in popularity, with over 500 of the former now open across the UK, providing anyone who needs the help of a carer to toilet when away from home undertake their personal hygiene needs in an appropriate environment with the appropriate equipment. Both types of public, accessible toilet are ‘bigger and better’ than conventional (Building Regulations Approved Document M) accessible toilets, being a minimum 12m2, and including additional equipment of a hoist, changing bench and privacy screen.

Clos-o-Mat is the field leader, having a 50+ years-long proven track record on the supply and installation of fully accessible toilets, and hygiene rooms, including a substantial number of Changing Places facilities. It is unique in its ability to deliver design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance, plus project management, across the ambit of accessible toileting equipment in domestic, commercial and public environments.

For more information visit the expert’s blog

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