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Introducing Spectral Lighting

Spectral Lighting has a strong heritage of working with leading architects throughout Germany and we are pleased to announce we are now in the UK - and are already making an impression.

Spectral is original because we don't follow generic market trends of luminaire design: we design luminaires with a passion and we dare to be different. We take design input from architects and interior designers, and as a result, most of our luminaires have received coveted international awards such as iF and Reddot. Above all we have products that can be tailored to suit your project needs because at Spectral, we like to Bend the Rules.

Spectral Lighting was acquired by RIDI Leuchten GmbH in September 2010. Spectral had a strong reputation for supplying leading edge contemporary products who's individual product lines were seen as unique and not dictated by current market trends.

As a result Spectral have produced some timeless classic designs that have been highly acclaimed. Most product designs in the range have received iF and Reddot awards.

The acquisition by RIDI Leuchten will allow Spectral to grow in the future with a more secure footing and will also enable the products to be produced with the benefits of more advanced machinery.

The shared R&D with RIDI is also essential for the Spectral brand to be able to concentrate on its forte – unique and innovate design.

RIDI is one of the leading manufacturers of technical luminaires in Europe and is represented by Subsidiaries and Agencies in most European markets. RIDI produce all types of interior technical luminaires for most areas of the commercial market.

With the use of modern CAD equipment, new products are regularly conceived and developed to sit alongside long established ranges of luminaires.

Our highly modernised and automated production guarantees an outstanding and consistent quality of product.

A major point about RIDI is its vast portfolio of standard products available as well as the ability to produce specials and variations.
Spectral range is visible on our site or on

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