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Sony: Interactive learning

Thanks to our exciting partnership with the city of Lahti in Finland, Sony’s interactive projectors are helping to create new, collaborative learning environments for thousands of pupils in the region’s schools.

Inspiring learning opportunities: Lahti, 100 kilometres northeast of Helsinki, prides itself on providing the highest education standards across its 23 schools and views investment in the latest technology as key to ensuring all 8,300 students have the most engaging and inspiring learning experience.

Interactive projector in every classroom

Working with a network of local partners, hundreds of Sony projectors were installed in schools across the region. Interactive Ultra Short Throw projectors (VPL-SW536C) were chosen for every classroom, enabling teachers and students to wirelessly share homework and learning material from multiple devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets. Dual pen interactivity also means users can write on the screen simultaneously, encouraging even more creative learning opportunities.

Powerful projectors for multiple areas

For schools with larger spaces, the powerfully bright VPL-FH500 projector was selected for its vibrant image quality, with one of the region’s newest schools deciding on a low maintenance VPL-FH36 for multiple use throughout the whole building. All of the projectors installed offer exceptional picture quality as well as smart, energy-saving features for a low TCO; a key objective for all schools in the region.

Seamless integration

Care was taken to ensure each classroom was fitted with the most complete and effective audio-visual solution, selecting the most suitable products to meet the schools’ aims. Our projectors, sound systems, and tablets all seamlessly integrated with existing technologies for a smooth installation. Lahti’s Juhani Heino said: “The installation was streamlined and very effective. Sony delivered the projectors on time and without any delays.”

Why Sony?

Lahti approached Sony to find a range of products that would enhance learning in its city’s schools. They chose our projectors for their high image quality, interactive benefits, simple installation and user-friendliness, particularly with teachers having limited time for training.

Students are now enjoying more engaging and exciting lessons, with the products offering greater interaction than ever before. The city’s schools now have a cost-effective, lasting solution to meet modern developments in the education environment.

Five-year warranty

Ville Koskipiritti, Channel Account Manager at Sony Europe for Finland and the Baltics, added: “In particular, the customer valued the impressive five-year warranty, the availability of spare parts and comprehensive customer support.”

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