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KNX OLED Room controller

Today, building control is that convenient: Jung has introduced the new KNX OLED room controller as an innovative addition to the F40 push-button sensors. The new CD and LS design range high-end operating unit with integrated bus coupling unit appeals by a broad range of features. Whether switching, dimming, scene calling, blind control, and much more: everything may be conveniently controlled: For instance tasks such as controlling fans, displaying and controlling the room temperature including setpoint input as well as controlling multiple rooms when the system is combined with the Facility-Pilot software.
Easily read from every viewing angle
Moreover, the room controller sets new standards for brilliance of the representation. This is ensured by a high-resolution OLED display providing high contrast and a large viewing angle of 170°. Thus, information displayed may be most easily read from each viewing direction – irrespective of the mounting height. 30 icons for the various basic features, three lines of full text, and a scrolling text display showing the current status provide comprehensive documentation. For example, the artist and album are shown in addition to the selected title when music is heard.
Easy operation ensured
After being installed into a flush-mounted wall box, the KNX OLED room controller may be conveniently operated through large push-buttons. These are fitted with LEDs for status indication, and individual icons or text may be added by printing or laser-engraving. When combined with the respective push-button extension module, the range of features may be extended as desired.

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