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Focus SB: behind the scenes

At our in-house paint shop we are able to spray your electrical accessories to match any of the RAL colours.

We have developed this facility off the back of working and talking with interior designers who have told us how they think electrical accessories should be present in a room.

“Utilities such as light switches and sockets need to be discrete and not draw attention to themselves. If too obvious they can detract from the overall styling and ambience.”

Jenny Blanc from Jenny Blanc Interiors, winner of: World’s Best International Interior Design Private Residence Award 2012.
The finished sprayed Ambassador plate in-situ.
The Ambassador Plate sprayed the same colour of the interior walls blends seamlessly.
Any of our metal plate designs can have this finish as an option, so for more details contact Focus SB or browse

Focus SB range is also visible on our site.

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