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Urban Front high end doors

Urban Front is run by a young enthusiastic team of designers. Born after a real struggle to find one simple contemporary door on the market back in 2003, Urban Front embodies a passion for high quality doors, materials, design and service. We aim to continually exceed your expectations, develop our product and keep what we do one step ahead of trend, completely innovative and always exceptional. We believe that there is nothing comparable to our doors on the market today and have total confidence in our ability to prove this.

We work on a design led philosophy manufacturing and designing contemporary doors exclusive to us, and sold direct to customers from our workshop and showroom in Buckinghamshire, England.

Each of the doors we manufacture is made to order. The choice ranges from a single doorset with overall frame size of 1040 x 2100mm to 1200 x 2400mm. You can add sidelites, matching sidepanels, storeylites and overpanels. Each panel or sidelite will be custom-made to fit your overall opening.

Manufacturing process

The door construction process starts by welding and calibrating the steel to form the steel reinforced core section of the door, which is then coated in an anti-corrosive finish. A layer of paraffin insulation with special moisture resistant aeration channels are introduced to provide one the highest insulated door leaves in Europe for the E98Passiv range (Door leaf U-value tested to 0.8 W/m2K). The most important unique part that helps to insure the stability and moisture evaporation from the exterior natural wood layer is the stabilising layer which is placed over the insulation and finally 2 carefully selected 20mm natural solid wood layers are laid to form the interior and exterior faces of the door.

The final stage is decoration, which envolves hours of handcrafted detail work. Every detail of which is applied or routed by hand by our highly skilled joiners.

The doorset follows a stringent quality control process and is tested to a very high standard to ensure it conforms to the latest european CE directives and the highest level of performance and security.

Energy efficiency

E-range: E80

- door thickness 80mm.
- 49mm paraffin insulation
- weatherseal on all 4 parts of the frame/cill.
- door leaf produces an insulation value of 1.1W/m2K
- Hardwood laminated frame section 115 x 70mm

E-range: E98Passiv

- door thickness 98mm.
- 64mm Ventilated paraffin and PU insulation especially designed to prevent glass condensation in extreme weather.
- double weathersealed on all 4 parts of frame/cill and continual weatherseal around door leaf.
- door leaf producing an insulation value of 0.8W/m2K
- Hardwood laminated frame section 125 x 70mm.

C-range hinged door

- 3d non-concealed hinges
- 78mm thick with a made to measure max. overall frame size up to 1040x2200mm
- Steel reinforced core
- insulation of 1.1W/m2K for the door leaf
- security locks, security keys, high grade stainless steel fittings
Hinged or pivoted internal feature doors

All our designs are custom made and designed for modern living with oversized doors pivoted or hinged up to 1300x3000mm for a single doorset and 2500x3000mm for a double doorset. Each of our doors is hand made from natural hardwood, with a range of acoustic values up to 42dB.
Care & maintenance of urban front exterior doors

Wood is a natural material and its aesthetic appeal and durability cannot be replaced by man made materials. With a little care, timber will outperform any substitute.

Most exterior solid woods will weather, and move and regular maintenance in terms of filing and refinishing is needed to keep your door in good condition over the years. All our doors are delivered factory finished with 300micron of clear UV protection lacquer, which will provide protection up to 5 years depending on exposure.

All woods are likely to bleach to a grey colour if they are exposed to ultra violet light and not protected by some sort of coating.

Your Urban Front door will arrive with a maintenance box that includes full fitting instructions, fixing screws, matching wood plugs, 3 security keys with an Urban Front key ring and half a litre of maintenance finish.
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