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AquaClean by Geberit

Geberit recognised the need for better hygiene and cleanliness early on and by 1978 it had already introduced the first Geberit toilet with a shower function. While people in Europe responded rather cautiously to the novelty of the shower toilet, in Japan it soon became a firmly established feature in every second household.

Geberit has continuously developed and refined the shower toilet over the past three decades, always with the aim of offering customers the highest standards of comfort, technology, design and quality. The Geberit AquaClean product range is now bringing this new standard of hygiene to European bathrooms too, for a completely new feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
The benefits of a shower toilet

A shower toilet combines the functionality of a toilet and the cleaning properties of a bidet. Not only does it save space, but it is convenient too: you can simply start the integrated shower function with the touch of a button while you stay sitting comfortably on the WC. Warm water offers a more thorough and gentle clean than toilet paper, making it ideal for cleaning sensitive intimate areas. And best of all? You will feel clean and refreshed every time you use the shower toilet.
The shower principle: This is how it works

The principle behind Geberit's shower toilets is ever so simple: at the touch of a button, the concealed spray arm extends and washes you clean with a jet of pleasantly warm water. For a very hygienic clean, while you are sitting comfortably. You can adjust the intensity of the water spray yourself. Anyone who has ever experienced this fresh, clean feeling will never want to do without it again.

1 - The shower nozzle is rinsed with fresh water before and after every use, keeping it clean at all times.

2 - Press the button and hey presto: the concealed spray arm extends and you will feel a pleasant, warm jet of water.

3 - Do you feel that the water spray is too strong or too weak for you? Then simply adjust the intensity of the water spray to suit your own preferences.
How to improve your well-being

Water is unbeatable when it comes to maintaining hygiene and well-being. Whether you are washing your hands, taking a shower or enjoying a bath, a refreshing soak plays an indispensable part in our daily personal hygiene. This makes it all the more astonishing that we are content to simply clean ourselves with toilet paper every time we use the toilet. In the many cultures, the idea of cleaning with water after using the toilet has long been established as part of hygiene culture. And even here in the West, more and more people are being won over by the gentle and natural hygiene experience of using water instead of paper. After all, water cleans, refreshes and gives you a new sense of well-being.
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