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Call systems by Gira

From hospitals to WCs suitable for the handicapped in private residences: Gira provides call systems in accordance with DIN VDE 0834 for all system sizes. Complete systems offered include ones with and without voice function and an emergency set for use in very small systems. All the systems are integrated in the Gira switch ranges and ensure the uniform appearance of the complete electrical installation. Electricians can be qualified to install the systems by participating in a free training.
Gira nurse call system

Connecting people, providing safety: The Gira nurse call system Plus is a call system for distress calls and communication in hospitals, doctors' practices, care homes and residential complexes. With its voice function, it reduces the daily workload of personnel while offering more comfort for patients and occupants at the same time. The system fulfils all the requirements in accordance with DIN VDE 0834, guaranteeing a high level of functional reliability and operational safety.
Emergency set

One component of the Gira nurse call system is the emergency set for equipping WCs or bathroom units suitable for the handicapped. Gira offers the emergency set as a separate package which can be used independently of the rest of the system.

The set consists of a call module, pull-cord button, switch-off button and power supply unit and ensures that in emergency situations a person in need of help can alert the personnel. The pull-cord button triggers a visual and acoustic alarm that attracts attention via the call module located outside the WC.

A duty room unit can also be optionally installed. This enables notification in another room. The call module, pull-cord button and switch-off button can be ordered individually for expanding the emergency set.

The Gira emergency set is available as a complete set with a cover frame from the Gira E2 switch range in pure white glossy. In addition the Gira emergency set components are also available without cover frames to match the Gira switch ranges.
Call display elements

All components of the Gira nurse call system that display a previously triggered call: These include room and duty room terminals as central control and operating units for patient rooms, room signal lights and modules in hallways or the mobile radio set with its cord around the neck or wristband that is a constant escort in the building.

Gira Control 9 duty room terminal Plus, glass white

The Gira Control 9 duty room terminal Plus offers many additional functions which provide even more convenience and efficiency in the care communication with the Gira nurse call system Plus. With it, for example, voice connections can be established to individual beds or rooms, calls can be accepted conveniently, collective announcements can be activated, interconnections can be made, calls can be clearly listed sorted by priority, fault messages can be read out, log data of a ward can be collected, and the presence of personnel in the room can be displayed. Many functions used are always directly accessible via two freely-assignable rapid selection buttons. The loudspeaker and microphone integrated – this leaves hands free, and no additional components are needed for the voice function.

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