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SensoryPod, a great invention

SensoryPod is a high tech self-contained controllable environment. For someone with ASD it is a haven in which they can escape and calm down, ideally before they reach the point of meltdown. It is a place packed with interactive technology designed to engage with disconnected pupils on their terms. Systems include dynamic lighting controls, video wall, interactive touchscreen PC’s, interactive floor projections, Xbox Kinect, and a variety of environmental special effects. The operating systems are intuitive and familiar with many operations being controlled through iPad. Experiences can be preprogramed, incorporate prepared work from the school network or freestyle self-discovery sessions.

For the school SensoryPod is a highly flexible facility that can be located inside an existing room whilst leaving space for other activities. Alternatively where space is at a premium SensoryPod can be located outdoors in the playground or school courtyard and still be as comfortable as if it was indoors.

New from SensoryPod is the StoryPod. Inside the StoryPod, you can recreate any scene or experience for example a space shuttle launch, a visit through the solar system, or take pupils back to a scene from the blitz. Enhance it with immersive lighting, dynamic sounds, scents and other special effects that makes learning and teaching much more energetic than any other piece of educational apparatus.

Osborne Technologies Ltd sensory specialist, Kevin Wheatley, said:

SensoryPod has been described as an Oasis of Calm that could make the difference between someone with Autism staying in mainstream school or not.

We are very excited to be bringing two SensoryPods to BETT 2013 with two very different themes to show how versatile we can be. The first is designed as a broad spectrum SEN provision with interactive features designed to engage, stimulate or calm the senses. The second will be an amazing new story telling experience brought to life with special effects that will fire the imagination and create a fantastic immersive journey to show how schools can take children way beyond the classroom.

Osborne Technologies Ltd recently won the prestigious AV Awards 2012 Education Project of the Year for the Imaginarium interactive story room they created for Anson Primary School in Brent, London. This project was recognised for the skilful blending of a wide range of technologies to create an ultra-modern teaching area where pupils of all abilities can create their own stories and adventures. The company are looking to build on this success and become the first choice for schools looking to add effective sensory and interactive provision to support SEN and mainstream pupils alike.

Osborne Technologies and SensoryPod had a large presence at the Bett show in January 2013 and people wanted to know “What is inside a SensoryPod”. If you would like to know, an open day is being held on Wednesday 6th March. Call 0800 037 2904 to ensure your place. Experience something else.

If you have any questions about SensoryPod please contact sensory specialist Kevin Wheatley on 07850 771 311 or

SensoryPod visible on our site or on

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