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Rundum Meir is a market leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke slide round and overhead
garage door systems since 1968. They work closely with architects and their clients to achieve and solve
specific garage door requirements. Architect led projects and properties on which Rundum Meir garage doors
have been used, have won numerous awards including the Sterling Prize, Best New Home and the Home
Building and Renovating Product Excellence Award in 2011.

Rundum Meir pride themselves on achieving particular design-led specifications, which have included both
cutting edge and traditional designs. Therefore concave, convex, oversized and ventilated garage door designs
have been turned into reality. This has also included garage doors for listed coach houses, Mews properties,
hangers and boat houses. As the doors are frameless as seen from the outside one can achieve interesting
elevations such as arches and external curves on the envelope of buildings.

Not only does Rundum Meir manufacture using a variety of hand selected clear timbers such as Oak, Sapele,
Larch and Hemlock, they have also worked with glass, aluminium and copper.

Remote controlled automation is available and their wicket door function due to their partial opening facility hasbeen a feature since the 1980's.

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