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See who is at the door

See who is at the door – even while you're away.

Door intercoms to match the switch range, video function, keyless access control, door communication via touch PCs and much more. The Gira door communication system offers numerous innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor use, now even while you're away. video conversations can be accepted and the door can be opened using smartphones, tablets or computers – from anywhere at any time. And if you ever aren't able to accept a door call, visitors can simply leave a video message.
Gira DCS-IP-gateway with new functions
The Gira DCS-IP-gateway makes door communication even more convenient and flexible. It converts signals from the Gira door communication system to the network protocol level (IP), which enables audio-visual door communication via the Gira Control wall devices and using the computer. The Gira DCS-IP-gateway has been expanded with numerous new functions including mobile door communication via Skype, the video and message memory, and internal call function.

Mobile door communication plugged into Skype?™
See who's at the door – it is easy even when you're away. With the new Skype expansion, the Gira DCS-IP-gateway facilitates mobile door communication using iPhones, iPads as well as all smartphones and tablets for which there is a Skype app. Additionally, the function can also be used on television sets with an integrated Skype application or on computers.

Gira DCS-IP-gateway with video and message memory
Intelligent absence management: With the Gira DCS-IP-gateway, a voice message can be played over the door station when someone rings the doorbell. Visitors then have the option of leaving audio and video messages. These messages can be conveniently called up with the DCS Communicator, and there is also an option of sending them via e-mail.

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