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Up at The O2

A groundbreaking roof walk project by Base Structure Ltd

It is daringly ambitious, completely unprecedented and utterly unique - and now it has been accomplished. The ‘Up at The O2’ experience, originally conceptualised by architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners with Buro Happold, is a fabric walkway measuring 350 metres long and only 3 metres wide, suspended in the air over the roof of the The O2 in London. Adventurous climbers can walk across the thin fabric walkway, pausing in the middle on a purpose built central viewing platform to take in the views of the surrounding metropolis.

Despite the deceptively minimal appearance, constructing the roof walk was a massive undertaking using over 6,000m2 of bespoke PVC fabric, over 7km of steel cable and nearly 4,000 metal clamps, not to mention the fact that no crane in existence could actually reach the top of The O2 - instead every single tool, cable and section of walkway needed to be manually transported into place using an ingenious sledge system. Installation was successfully completed in time for the immovable deadline of the London 2012 Games, no small feat due to the wettest April since records began!

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