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Aspirational design in European Oak

Our client on this elegant home, wanted his entrance to do two jobs: hide the fact that the front door is actually small, and be extremely minimal. Due to the fact that the front of the house is so simple and plain, the door needed a bit of colour and using European Oak in this instance was a good choice. It adds depth and interest to the entrance.

To achieve the minimal design, the door is flush to the frame, and to the adjacent cladding which fundamentally hides an internal room but also enlarges the front entrance. To further increase the minimal feel of the entrance, our Option 20 handle, the concealed handle was specified and also adds to the beauty of the finished doorset.

Once inside the space is visible and the truth revealed and is not a disappointment. Large and light the internal space is fabulous and not at all what you expect.

The flush Porto Pivot doorset in European Oak was supplied at a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m.

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