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3 misconceptions about wood flooring

- All engineered boards are suitable for Under Floor Heating

This is one of the most spread misconceptions that not only new customers but experienced professionals have. Many types of engineered wood flooring are suitable for use with Under Floor Heating (and cooling) – but not all.

Excessive overseas manufacturing commonly uses softwood ply. This type of cheap engineered board is not suitable for under floor heating. The best-engineered platform available on the market not only uses a high-quality European birch ply but is also kiln-dried, which works great with floor heating.

- Wet mopping is a great way to clean your floor

Excess direct water will not only deteriorate but also destroy the finish of your wooden floor. A well rung out mop with a specialist floor cleaner or mild floor soap works best. Cleaning frequency depends on the amount of traffic and how exposed the environment is to dirt and dust.

- Wooden floors should not be used in kitchens

Certain hardwood species with high-quality birch ply constructions are not only Water Boil Proof but also resistant to high traffic. Not only that, trendy designers and architecture firms are starting to use wooden floors in the kitchen area in order to add rich texture, colour and even harmony.

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