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Is the Birch Plywood Important?

The Birch Plywood is what backs every engineered board, and depending on its quality, the floor will be able to endure any environmental change within the industry standards.

Our brand of Birch Ply is WBP – Water Boiled Proof. Which means you can submerge it in boiling water for 30 minutes with peace of mind and zero de-lamination, which is vital for longevity and internal moisture and temperature changes, which means a guaranteed peace of mind with underfloor heating and demanding locations such as the bathroom and the kitchen.
Cheaper Birch Plywood and Softwood Plywood would usually fail in such demanding environmental conditions. We harmoniously match the same specific weight per m3 with our top layers and our solid Birch Ply base.

The acoustic values for both sections of the board match to produce the same high-quality sound when walked upon which is equal to our traditional solid floorboards.

For more information please visit The Reclaimed Flooring Company website

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