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Contemporary cube house

This fabulous house by John Pardey Architects says a lot about marrying beautiful natural products together to create a contemporary yet warm home. John Pardey Architects have the following to say about their projects:

'We see our work as contemporary and avoid the idea of a futuristic aspiration, preferring to build on what has gone before. Our ideal is to achieve a timeless quality in each work and a delight in the ordinary – the joy of simple, natural materials enriched by a precision or juxtaposition and this we combine with attention to the site, constraints, orientation and views. We enjoy the idea of uniting inside and outside spaces, to create a natural place to live that celebrates views and the changing weather while maintaining an energy efficient and easily maintained home.'

The door used on this project is the Porto E80 Pivot in Iroko oiled with one side lite in clear glass.

More information are available on Urban Front website

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