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Charge two devices simultaneously

Focus SB’s Integrated USB Charging Socket has NO shared amperage, allowing two devices to fast charge at the same time so you can charge phones and tablets quickly and conveniently.
But not all USB charging sockets are the same

There are many USB sockets on the market today that seem, on the surface, to do a similar job but that is not always the case. Most have shared amperage meaning that the power is shared between the two ports, giving a very slow charge when 2 devices are plugged in.
Focus SB USB charging

Focus SB USB Sockets are a stylish solution to your charging needs, available in most of our styles and finishes.

The total charging rate is 3.1 amp, split between a 2.1 amp port (ideal for charging tablets, including iPads, and phones) and a 1 amp port (ideal for charging phones, including iPhones). Meaning no loss of power.

More information are available on Focus SB website

Focus SB range is also visible on Building Pieces

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