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Choosing a wooden floor

3 common and disastrous mistakes when choosing a wooden floor, by The Reclaimed Flooring Company. Buying a wooden floor is a major purchase (to put it mildly), and there are plenty of ways to slip up.

1. Underfloor Heating is a major factor when choosing a wood floor. Wood is a living material, it expands, shrinks and reacts to the environment. Using an engineered board is essential when fitting over under floor heating but not all engineered boards are equal in quality and construction. Excessive overseas manufacturing commonly uses softwood ply bonded with formaldehyde. This type of engineered board not only has harmful environmental effects but can also be harmful to personal health especially to those who are chemically sensitive.

The best-engineered platform available on the market uses a high-quality European birch ply bonded with a natural, formaldehyde-free glue that is not only safe but WBP (water and boil proof) tested.
When buying a wood floor remember to ask not only where the wood comes from but also how and where it’s manufactured. Quality materials and construction will determine the longevity of you floor and these few simple questions could save you a major headache (if not a heart attack) in the long run.

Many of our birch play engineered boards not only possess great quality but they also create the illusion of solid wood, Click here to see the very best engineered oak boards on the market with the very best patina creations

2. UV-dried oils are the industry standard in order to save time and money. What most customers don't know is the end result is more comparable to laminate style flooring. UV dried boards not only look overly glossy but the surface colour appears so thick that it over powers the natural beauty of the wood below.

Lacquer is another solution, it looks good initially but only for a short time. A lacquered floor cannot be touched up locally but rather any damage requires the floor to be completely re-sanded and coloured again, a costly and messy option.

Air-Dried Oils are the solution, this 12-hour process will not only create beautiful results, but will also protect the board for a longer time. This process produces a more organic and natural colour result and helps to maintain the overall health of the wood.

Click here to see our latest air dried hard wax oil case study.

3. Buying a new or reclaimed wooden floor isn't just a matter of replacing the old floor. Most people fail to follow a proper Aftercare regime in order to maintain the appearance and vigour of the boards. Cleaning frequency depends on the amount of traffic and how exposed the environment is to dirt and dust. Mopping the floor with natural floor soap protects the finish and helps build up a stronger layer of protection over time.

Have a look at this project, it's over 18 months old and it still looks like new!

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