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Focus SB Integrated USB Sockets

The unique Focus SB USB charging socket can be integrated on most of our plate ranges and finishes.* It has a fast charge rate and is a more attractive solution to some other options. Total charging rate is 3 amp via a 2 amp socket and a 1 amp socket, amperage is NOT shared between sockets. This ensures that the Focus SB Integrated USB charges specific devices quickly and efficiently even when two sockets are in use.


- Two USB Ports
- Port one rated 2.1 amp at 5V
- Port two rated 1 amp at 5V
- Max output of 3.1 amp
- 2 x 13 amp sockets - 250v rated
- CE tested and marked
- Available in white and black

Conforms to:

- BS: 5733 : 2010 + A1 : 2014
- EN: 60950-1
- BS: 1363-2: 1995 + A4

* Not available in ranges Prism, Prism II, Titan and Morpheus or in the primed finish.

Single USB Socket

A single USB socket is also available featuring a 13 amp socket with a 2 amp USB port at 5V.

For more information please visit Focus SB website

Focus SB range is also visible on our site

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