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Introducing Protan’s roofing membranes

Protan is a competence house that delivers world-leading solutions. We have more than 70 years' experience from innovation and production, and we know how to create optimum solutions that are adapted to local conditions and climate challenges.

Over the past 40 years, Protan roof coverings have been installed on roofs in different climate zones ranging from the African desert to the tundra on Svalbard. Protan roofs are robust products that ensure long durability in all types of weather conditions.

Protan roof coverings are made from self-extinguishing PVC. All joins are performed with hot-air welding machines. This further enhances the roof's fire-proofing, and is especially important when roofs are renovated. The low weight of Protan roofing also ensures minimum storage of raw material energy on the roof.

We are entrusted with protecting valuable assets. Our products, services and technology must therefore be more than good – they must be the best in the world.

Innovation and technology are vital to ensuring world-leading solutions for our customers.

We therefore offer unique, proprietary tools to ensure optimum technical and financial solutions for our customers. Using the ProPlan roof planning software, which can be used in AutoCAD, designers can easily find the best solution for your project. The software specifies the materials, installation solutions and work resources required, right down to the exact number of working hours, square metres of roofing, insulation, fasteners and accessories. We also offer our customers the ProKalk software tool, which simplifies the quotation phase for roofing contractors in their dialogue with the main contractor or project management. ProKalk facilitates the exact costing of a roofing project by the roofing technician.
Protan is a pioneer in the tailoring of roofs.

Roof surfaces can be prefabricated at our factor in Nesbyen, according to the dimensions provided, and then quickly installed at the construction site. This ensures sealed roofs quickly, with minimum waste. We also cooperate with RoofCollect on the recovery of old roof surfacing (

Protan has quality and environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our products hold Environmental Product Declarations. This verifies that Protan roofing:

- has the lowest possible CO2 footprint;
- has the lowest energy consumption during production;
- is made from REACH-approved raw materials;
- does not leak chemicals to the environment;
- is free of emissions;
- leaves minimum waste at the construction site;
- has the lowest possible weight, reducing the environmental impact during transport.

Products and production are subject to third-party inspection by various accredited test institutes from the countries in which Protan operates, such as Sintef Building and Infrastructure, BBA (British Board of Agreement), SITAC, FM (Factory Mutual) and so on. Protan is an active user of the chemicals substitution obligation and does not use substances that are on SFT's observation list. Protan also holds Swedish BASTA approval. This ensures that Protan roofing is made from environmentally-sound PVC. Protan roofing's total environmental impact throughout its life cycle is charted via third-party approved environmental declarations. Compared to other traditional products, Protan roofing has:

- 30% less impact on the greenhouse effect;
- 80% less environment impact during transport;
- 70% less raw material energy stored in the roof.

Our objective is to reduce the total consumption of resources in the value chain, and Protan Roofing also achieves BREEAM points.

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