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New Government guidelines on provision of hygiene rooms in educational buildings have prompted development of tools to specifiers get it right….

Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading provider of disabled toilet solutions, has put together a CPD training course dedicated to hygiene rooms. The seminar covers the legal and recommended requirements, design, and equipment therein. Thus hygiene room projects can be completed to be fully compliant, deliver ‘best practice’, and meet users’ needs effectively.

“Government guidelines require provision of suitable toilet facilities for all pupils, and have recently changed to set minimum standards for hygiene rooms,” explains Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat hygiene rooms project manager. “On a daily basis, we deal with the design, specification, and installation of such facilities, and all the complex equipment therein, so know all the requirements, considerations and potential pitfalls. The CPD training course consolidates that knowledge in one place, so everyone involved in the process can be best equipped to create a functional facility that optimises pupils’ hygiene needs.”

The CPD training course is reinforced with a raft of support material online @, including a white paper, CAD downloads, typical layouts and a video.

Clos-o-Mat has a proven track record in the provision of hygiene rooms, from design advice through project management to commissioning and future service & maintenance, in primary and secondary mainstream schools, special schools, colleges and universities. It has specialised in the provision of disabled toilet facilities since its foundation over 50 years ago, and is now the UK’s leading source for domestic and ‘out of home’ hygiene provision for disabled people.

Clos-o-Mat range is visible on our site or on

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