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Introducing TopBrewer by Scanomat

Scanomat are the most innovative and advanced coffee machine manufacturer in the world with a heritage of over 50 years experience in the coffee industry. At the forefront of modern coffee brewing, Scanomat have developed the innovative TopBrewer app-controlled coffee machine which has a unique under-counter design to fit seamlessly into the modern built environment.

Coffee Reimagined. Scanomat haven’t just made a coffee machine, they have reimagined every little detail. New brewer, new frother, new app, new technology. The TopBrewer is a game changer, changing the way you think about coffee.

Integrate into your design. The unique under-counter design means that all you see above the counter is an aesthetically stunning swan neck tap. For the first time a coffee machine can become a focal point in the design space. Ideal for the future workspace, modern kitchens, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Italy’s number one barista clapped his hands and exclaimed it was the best coffee he had ever tasted from an automated machine. The freshest coffee beans are ground and brewed to perfection, whilst fresh milk is delicately frothed to the perfect consistency for every cup. Water is heated from cold for every drink to ensure the best water quality. Between each drink the tubes are automatically cleaned to ensure optimum hygiene and freshness.

Customise your drink with the app and save it as a favourite to enjoy again and again. Experience an authentic coffee shop taste that will blow you away - authentic espresso, creamy cappuccino, hot chocolate, fresh juices and refreshing chilled & sparkling water.

Save money, space and energy. Save 80% on every cup compared to capsules, save 99% compared to filtered bottled water and use less energy with a range of energy-saving features.

Connect - Customise - Brew.

For more information please visit Scanomat website, TopBrewer is also visible on our site

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