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Piccolo - a new Stannah lift

The NEW Stannah Piccolo lift could be described as a hybrid. It mixes lift conventions.

Piccolo looks like a passenger lift with sliding doors, fully automatic cabin and landing controls and fabulous lift car finishes that complement any interior design scheme.

Piccolo delivers all the benefits of a platform lift with its compact shaft size, minimal pit and headroom and its use of single phase power supply, so lowering running and maintenance costs.
Piccolo offers the best of both worlds. It delivers the functionality of a passenger lift but can be accommodated in surprisingly small spaces and is ideal in sites where digging a pit is neither practical nor possible. It is a great alternative to a traditional platform lift when the position of the lift is against a load bearing wall and a shaft can easily be created. It’s stylish, conventional appearance means it looks great in both public buildings, schools and colleges, shops and restaurants or even in your own home. It lends itself well to existing buildings but is equally at home in new-build projects.

Why Piccolo? We’re re-inventing the wheel. Stannah first launched the Piccolo in the mid -1980s and by the late 1980s it had developed into a whole range of small passenger lifts. As the range grew they became Maxilifts. When looking for a name for the NEW Piccolo a look back in the Stannah archives quickly gave us the answer. Welcome back Piccolo.

For more information please visit Stannah website

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